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  1. So I’ve started getting into making bags. The problem I’ve run into, being a novice, is that I can’t afford to go and buy whole sides (yet!). Right now I’m working from pieces I got from an oil tan bundle @Springfield leather company. Anyway, I’m finding that often a smaller piece will have just enough for a bag but not nearly enough to do a long strap. I’m thinking I could purchase a Herman oak belly so I at least have a nice long piece for straps but I’m not sure what weight would be ideal... any suggestions?
  2. any suggestions for retailers with unique/designer hardware- rivets or snaps in different shapes, modern designed clasps and whatnot... ...or any experience making your own? Im thinking there could be a way to convert an earring or brooch into a snap cap somehow?
  3. Thanks! I'll edit the original post to include more info! Yeah, my stitching got a little wonky... i had originally ordered some cheap diamond punches on amazon, but when it came down to it I could not get that sucker to work through both layers- either by user error or just crappy tools... I ended up using my husbands drill press with a 1/16" bit to save time but definitely sacrificed accuracy ***okay I can't edit the original, but I used a 5-6oz buffalo culatta in medium brown from Springfield leather company, with some remnant from Joanne craft section for the pen/pencil holders, waxed linen(I think) thread and finished by sanding and burnishing with saddle soap
  4. I decided to give my husband something handmade for Christmas this year, so of course I thought I'd start an entirely new craft...Here is my first leather project- a custom designed artist case
  5. Hi, my name is Danielle and I am an absolute beginner from Va! I'm hoping to learn a thing or two from all of you as I delve into leather working- I'm already feeling inspired from this community!
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