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  1. Hi Gymnast Yes iI bought the motor from Strima, and I did not formulate myself right, about the speeds. The max speed can be adjusted from almozt zero up to 300 to 3000 rpm. I am quit satisfied with the motor so far. Best wishes GK
  2. Thank you very much for this information, unfortunately I already have given the old motor away, and mounted the servo motor. But I will most certainly remember this in the future. As a matter of fact I have rls but that does not bother me when awake, and when sleeping the wife has forbidden me to operate the sewing machine Best wishes GK
  3. My 132K6 came with a danish clutch motor that I had no way of controling the speed of. As I looked for a solution I came up with this servo motor. I had looked at speed reducers, but as the clutch motor has a rather large wheel I decidet for the servo motor. It did not disapoint me, it starts and stop rather smoothly. No jolting, I wrote before that it has lower limit of 300 rpm, that is not right (my bad) It is adjustable so that max speed can be 300 to 3000 rpm. From zero to what ever I decide. And as the wheel is just 65 mm it works well. Now I have to work on the sewing machine as there are some things that need adjusting. Best wishes GK
  4. This is a interesting topic to me, because I just bought a servo motor from a polish company. The motor is Texi ac 750 SM with a synchronizer for up or down needle stop. I installed the motor on my old Singer 132K6, so far I understand the motor has a lower limit of 300 rounds pr. minute. And a upper limit of 3000. It took five days to reach my home address, with a weekend counted in. Best wishes GK
  5. I would very much like to hear your comments on the 410 - Union Special, as I am considering buying one, I do not know this machine and i am totally green behind the ears as to leather craft. Thanks in advance G. Kristjansson Denmark
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