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  1. We do have lots of other variants / types and colours of skins available. We will be starting to open up our leather office once a month, so you will be able to come in and pick out some leathers if you’re local.
  2. This is our Metallic leather and Hand Saffiano leather We also have our Crazy Buffalo Mad Dog ®️Leather available, if you wanted a bigger size skin.
  3. This is our Veg Calf leather This is our Mad Dog ®️Leather in Tan. Have attached a picture so you can see how it looks in a wallet and how it darkens with use
  4. With regards to our Tannages: Our Goats are normally Full Veg and Veg with some chrome in. Our Cow and Buffalo are predominately full chrome.Some of the Cow and Buffalo might have some veg in them.
  5. For Wallets We have Mad Dog ®️in stock in a few colours( Tan,Black, Peanut, Anthracite and Chocolate) For Handbags it would be our Shrunken Grain article. We have chocolate , lilac and blue in stock along with a foil. People have also used this for wallets. Will PM you some pictures, next week when I’m Back. Some of the leathers will be on our website
  6. Typically for wallets, it’s 0.9-1.2 mm. It would be our slightly Waxy, polishsble and burnishable goat leather. for handbags, there would be some at 1.0 -1.3 . Otherwise our norm is 1.4-1.6mm
  7. We don’t have a brochure unfortunately, as we have lots of skins in lots of articles. we would need an entire website for our leathers! Is there anything that you’re particularly looking for? As we have stock of the original natural Book binding leather, handbag leathers, Shrunken leathers, distressed / vintage , metallic foil, waxy cow and buffalo’s and our Mad Dog ®️ Article
  8. The various buffalo skins we have in stock. Start from 1.2 mm going up to 2mm. Maybe slightly heavier. Some sides and some whole pcs. Prices are between £3 and £5 per ft, dependant on article and selection We don’t have anything in stock in that thickness, but if you wanted quite a few skins and we had an article that you liked in stock, we could shave them down to that thickness
  9. Good Morning, We unfortunately don't do Pig. We mainly do Goat, with some Buffalo,Cow and Sheep articles. Is there any reason why you want pig? Our niche is in creating hand antiqued, aged , distressed and waxy leathers, along with the typical book binder / handbag finish. I am related to them, but the companies aren't financially linked. Have you checked out our instagram and website? As the sundance leather looks like a Wax pul up, that we have many variants of.
  10. Hi Everyone, I hope you don't mind me posting here! I work in our 4th generation family leather business. The company started in 1938. We are having a stand at the upcoming Peterborough Festival of Antiques fair, where we will be having our leathers on show which can be used for all Leather Crafts, Book Binding, Furniture, Jewellery, Small Leather Goods etc. We will have full skins on show, along with cut up skins and swatches ranging from A5 to A3 size. Our Stand is allocated in the Natwest Buliding - Stall Number J042&043cc festivalofantiques.co.uk/visitors/ If you aren't avaible to attend, we have very competitive courier rates which enables us to courier our skins world wide. I've listed our website and instagram account below, so you can get an idea of the type of leathers that we create. I look forward to seeing some of the UK people there. tustingandburnett.com/ instagram.com/tustingandburnett/
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