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  1. Kenneth M, Yes it is. I see you're in Mississippi- that should be an easy ship from Sarasota FL. Let me know! Jerdav73
  2. Free shipping in the lower 48.
  3. Thanks for moving my post to the proper place. I'm finding it a bit difficult navigating my way around the site. I'll need to read up on the marketplace rukes and adjust my post regarding shipping. Thanks Again. Jerdav73
  4. Got a Landis 25 in very good condition for sale Sarasota FL $500
  5. Thanks again for all the advice.  I have ordered some new parts and once they arrive, I'll let you know how things are progressing.  I have worked hard at cleaning and oiling the machine and have noticed that everything seems to move much more freely.  Once I reassemble the machine I'm certain the foot will descend to its proper level.  Thanks for the tip about the wingnut.  I'm hoping the shuttle carrier is in good shape. I'm not looking forward to having to disassemble the pinions underneath.  



    1. shoepatcher


      keep me posted


    2. Jerdav73


      Got some new parts and reassembled it all.  Everything is working much better, but not exactly 100%.  The foot still needs to be gently tapped down completely onto the material.  Also my stitch length seems to change wirhout me adjusting anything.  I think I have the gib inserted the wrong way.  Also I sent for a new needle plate for my Singer29k51 but the one I received is too long.  I think it could be for a 29k71.  Are they different?   Also, what's about the strongest needle for leather work? I'm breaking them too often. 

      Still at it, and still having fun trying to get thus old machine to work!



  6. I'm certain that the gib is in place - it may be a bit worn but it alters the length of the stitch so I assume it's OK. Also, how about a tip on cleaning the machine. Is kerosene and elbow grease my best option?
  7. I've attached some photos of the top of my singer 29k51. I've worked and worked at trying to find what is restricting the foot from pressing firmly on the plate - one of the pictures indicates how far above the sewing plate the foot lies. I'm now suspecting trouble withn the bell crank assembly but I'm not about to venture into territory where I shouldn't be. Thanks again in advance for any advice. Jerry
  8. Glenn, Thanks for the reply. I'm not too certain where the foot adjustment is located in the back. I've adjusted the tension spring in the back from very loose to very tight, but that doesn't really bring the foot down. When I let the foot down it still remains too high, about 1/8 inch. I can slip a piece of leather under it without even raising the foot. By tapping with a hammer on the top of the rod in the back that holds the long spring assemby, I can bring it down on top of the material, but this should happen freely, not with me tapping. I'm thinking that the foot isn't the problem, but that something is restricting the entire assembly from descending. I'm going to check tonight to see if there is some type of foot height adjustment in the back as you suggest. Again, thanks, and I'll let you know if I'm Successful. Jerry
  9. Looking for some advice! I'm working on refurbishing a Singer 29k51 patcher. I cannot seem to get the foot presser down far enough to press on the material. When I let it down it still remains about 1/4 inch above the material I'm working with. Any suggestions. I have tried tapping it down, with a hammer, and that does seem to depress it on top of the material, but then the foot doesn't "walk" along the material. Do you think it could be so dirty? THANKS FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS Jerdav73
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