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  1. 151E2E66-74F3-49DA-B424-591B981DB6A9.MP4
  2. I must thank you so much chancey77 if it was not for someone as cool as you I would never have made my Waylon and Many others so I want to thank you your the only one that tells it like it is and don’t care about secrets that others won’t give stay cool I love your tele
  3. Dude that is leather? My mind is blown. My god that is unreal. You are dam good.
  4. Ok I have an idea for a cheap way of getting something similar but it’s with 2AA battery but not as powerful and more for details. Go to cvs go into the tooth brush section and pick out a power brush. now I know of one that is only one I checked to see. there must be many kinds that do the same hammering in a small way but it is ez to hold and can give a difrent look but still be fun.pick out spin brush by Arm and hammer. no it’s not a joke. Take off brush and turn it on and look at it and you get what I’m getting at once you see it move good luck
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