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  1. Thanks wiz. I have always bought from bob at Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines in the past. I was surprised by the lack of pressure feet options available for this family of machines. I now understand why. Thank you. Looks like I will need to buy a singer 111 clone to get all of those presser feet options.
  2. Thanks for the reply. So you are saying that the CB3200 does not use standard Singer 111 presser feet. If that is the case where would I find presser feet on the open market for the CB3200 and what would I search for?
  3. I think I read somewhere (maybe even on this forum) that the Cowboy and possibly the Cobra sewing machine utilizes standard Singer 111 presser feet. Would someone be so kind and confirm this? Thanks Randy
  4. I really love your project. I am a little jealous. I would love to find a machine in the right condition to do a complete rebuild. good luck!
  5. Thank you all for your comments. You all kept me from buying a piece of equipment that was never going to do what I needed. I will focus on picking up another compound needle feed machine to go with my cowboy.
  6. I am currently using a cowboy 3200 set up with 277 thread to sew women’s tote bags. I now need to make some women’s clutch bags out of lightweight garmet leather and sew light weight purse linings. My local sewing machine recommended 3 machines. He has a rebuilt 201k for $225. He also has a 66-16 and a 15-90 with external belt drive. Both of them have been lubed and tested for $75. He highly recommends the 15-90 because it more robust than either the 201 or 66 plus you can put a larger motor on it for more punching power. I’m thinking a #69 or maybe #96 thread max. Is the 15-90 the right machine over the 201 or 66 for the price?
  7. I really enjoyed reading bible on edge finishing. In all my work I have been skipping some steps. I do have one question. I have seen some paint like edge treatment that is very thick. Do you have any idea what that might be? I have included a picture to show its very plastic look.
  8. RJLamie

    Mallet Dies

    Rocky, that is a great idea!!! I’m going to go that.
  9. RJLamie

    Mallet Dies

    I found an answer to my own question on amazon. One of this sites sponsors Weaver Leathercraft carries an extensive line of what I am looking for.
  10. Where can one purchase stock mallet dies? I am specifically looking for a mallet die for cutting a 1/8" by 3/4" rounded end slot. I see the Texas Mallet Dies offer customs but from their website they don't go this small.
  11. Those are amazing colors and a great idea getting chummy with a tannery to get the inside deals. My main goal in this case is to be able to create custom colors. The color needs to be completely uniform that is why I was thinking acrylic paint. Can I achieve those kinds of brilliant uniform colors myself using dyes?
  12. How would I create the color in the commercial bag below from veg tanned leather? I assumed something this bright needed to be done with acrylic paint.
  13. I see lots of discussion about using acrylic dyes and paints but haven’t seen anyone layout out their best practices. I am looking to airbrush acrylic paint to create colored handbags. What kind of steps do people find work best for surface prep. Can you apply neatsfoot oil prior to painting. Do you dilute your paint when painting large surfaces? Any other tips and ideas related to this subject will be much appreciated.
  14. I'm looking to dye some veg leather to make hand bags. What is the best products and or techniques to get the most uniform color. I'm looking to pink, light gray and beige.
  15. So... it looks like #138 thread is my practical limit without busting the bank. It looks like the the sailrite ls-1 can handle that with a simple mod. This is $700 new. What other options can you suggest in new and/or used machines that can handle this for less money? I am very good at fixing anything and would likely tear apart and rebuild anything I buy that doesn't work perfect from the get go.
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