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  1. I saw some post on the Bauer machine on here from Nov 2017. I guess they are kind of rare. Saw the pic of the 1909 one. Looks just like mine, down to the gold pin stripping. I may not be missing parts after all. I can make extra bobbins myself and have new shuttle boat/s made at a friends machine shop if need to. Have a few leeds on needles. Once I get solid info on them, I will pass that info to the few others who have these beasts.
  2. I tried to crop, still to big. Will give this a try. Thx
  3. It's actually a treadle machine. Won't let me upload the pic of base. Says its to big.
  4. It still work's great. He used it till he past last year. Just needs a good cleaning. And repaint. Still has wax on it from when the wax bowl was used. Ok. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. I hope I can get more info here then from the web. Did find a U tube vid on how to thread it.
  6. I do a wide range of thing. Just depends on my mood. Have about 20 projects going at once.bible cover for my mom. Hand stitched and laced. Mexican Round Braid.first chinks.solo seat for bike I'm slowly building.yes, I am a BRONCOS fan.holster, knife sheath, belt to match bota bag for uncle. I did the deer antler also.got a little carried away on Halloween.this one I tattooed.first solo seat. Did a Mexican Round Braid on it.Survival kit. didn't do the bead work. bota bag for my uncle.Survival kit packed.
  7. Did it as kid in 4H, then in 2009 I went to Sturgis and saw a very nice solo seat. Couldn't afford the price, so i got back into it. I do a wide range of things from biker to cowboy, big or small. Do a lot of wall pix. I'm designing my own saddle, will be making my own tree as well. Now that l just inherited a bigger sewing machine, 1919 Bauer machine company harness stitcher. I can now start expanding and bigger projects that I've wanted to do, but didn't want to hand stitch.
  8. I just inherited this harness stitcher. My grandfather has had it since the 40s, if not earlier and used it regularly on the farm. So far all I know about it is it was made around 1919 by Bauer Machine Company, Jefferson Ind. There are a few pieces missing, but still usable. Needs a good cleaning and might repaint it to it's original color...black with gold pin striping. Need any info on manuals and IF and where I can get any of the missing parts. I do have the stand for it.
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