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  1. Hello everyone so I'm sewing along on my cobra class 4 and the thread I am using is twisting up and causing jambs as it twists up I can here it catch in the first tensioner so I stop at this point before it catches and I have to turn my thread upside down to finish the run I'm on take thread off completely straighten thread as best as can and it keeps happening , someone said there is right and left twist but I bought thread from cobra as well so looking for suggestions
  2. thanks guys for your input seems were all on the same page now as I was sewing today I did both first I sew over three Stiches on top it did not look bad passible then by accident I did what north mount said and that worked slick got it down now thanks again helps to just know what someone else is doing
  3. Hello everyone been awhile since I been on here winter season here in Massachusetts , any way time to play and as I am sewing quantity of belts and shooting slings I find my self buying pre wound bobbins from cobra and find my self throwing out a lot of waste at end of bobbins due to not wanting to run out in middle of a run , my question is am I looking into this detail to much and should I just run the bobbin out and stich over 3 Stiches with new bobbin and keep stitching , what do you all do? these slings are to be sold to the public
  4. Hello Ruben do you still have the cowboy splitter I am very interested you can call me at 781-605-7559 thank you have a great day you could also text me on that yes or no whether it’s still available thanks again
  5. thanks CowboyOutlaw I had a chance to see them in action just got home and on the way was saying to myself all the stuff everyone has been saying and I think I`m gonna get a cowboy 4500 tomorrow and get a older industrial machine for the heavy weight canvas bags and light leather
  6. Yes I got confused lot of hours on boat been fishing tired thought you were talking about you sorry lol thank`s for all your help
  7. Thank`s everyone that`s some good info I will strongly think about all that on Tuesday when I`m at local shop unless , Hey Wizcrafts sounds like you might have everything I`m looking for.For sale that could be shipped to Wakefield MA.01880 USA ? I`m not sure on the policies here can I give you my phone number to call me and talk about what you might have ?
  8. thanks for all the replies and suggestions , a lot of you suggested I get a cowboy 4500 and I will first I am looking for a machine to do just a bit lighter stuff that`s why I was deciding between the 1541 -1508 -1508H so I think I settled for the 1508 gonna get it Tuesday from a local shop well 1.5 hours away close enough, who matched the web prices for me he also has in stock . I figure the close by help offers from him might just come in handy , then back to work get some more play money put aside and get the CB4500 they say the 1508 takes thread from #46-#138 the 1508H goes from #69--#207 the cowboy starts at #138 so I thought the 1508 was the choice I`m gonna do something Tuesday when I see them all lol I`m not getting the cowboy just yet gonna get a serger with the 1508 or whatever I decide tue. Oh ya and a skiver , so cowboy is on the wait list lol, He also said he has a bunch of LU 563`s he wanted to show me. thank`s again everyone
  9. Thank you for deleting them yes I figured it out , Just wait lol it takes time , I got it
  10. Hello everyone thank`s for letting me join I live in wakefield ma usa . I have always tinkerd with leather, basic dog collars with rivets anyway I decided I am going to get a leather machine , I plan on sewing heavy leather bags #2 Latigo leather 7-8 oz also shooting slings out of 9-10 0z. Latigo leather and such and bags out of softer leather as well also heavy double layer veg tan belts out of belt blanks , also wallets and what ever else I can come up with , I do have a singer year 1948 model 201-2 for lighter stuff so my question is do I get the juki 1508N or the juki 1508 H these are the two machines I picked out after a couple of days on internet 1508 goes from #46 - #138 and the 1508H goes from #69 - #207 thread were do I need to be I`m leaning on the 1508H but not sure if thats just the man in me lol , I will probably be getting a cowboy 3200 or 4500 in future , so now you know what I have what I want next and were I`m gonna end , Any suggestions that would help me make my mind up would be appreciated
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