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  1. Thanks everybody for responding. Adler 205-370 would be my first choice, but the prices for the used are 5K plus, so I have to consider clones. Bob, does Cowboy clone of Adler 205-3370 come with the hole for the synchronized binding attachment? You mentioned that the ones you have don't, but I am not sure if there are different variations of this type. For instance, there is Adler 205-370 with a hole, and Adler 205 MO without. Visually, they look identical. Thanks, Marko
  2. Hello there, I am considering getting 205 Adler clone with a synchronized binding attachment for binding work. I have heard about 205 clones from Cowboy and SewPro. Has anybody had an experience with these machines? How do they compare in terms of quality? Has anybody used them for binding work? Are there other brands that I am not aware of that offer good quality for the price? Thank you in advance, Marko
  3. The machine is back for sale. $2000 OBO. Local pickup at New Rochelle, NY 10801, will ship via freight (up to $200, less if shipped to a business address), or will deliver within 100 miles.
  4. I am actually looking for a post bed sewing machine, but with a wheel foot, like Pfaff 491. Converting regular foot on Adler 541 into a wheel foot might not be possible, due to the position of the feeding dog. Trying to figure out if I might have use for Adler 541,, or if I should sell it and get Pfaff 491. Thanks, Marko
  5. Hello there, a friend of mine offered this machine to me. It's old, but still in a relatively good condition. Wondering if other folks use this machine for leatherworking. Thanks, Marko
  6. None taken. I don't fault people trying to get a good deal, I am not that different. I decided to keep the machine and put it to use.
  7. Thanks Bob. Now if only I could figure out how to edit it...))
  8. I used it last about two years ago. I did about 4 sheaths,and that's the extend the machine was used. I then moved to a smaller shop and the machine been sitting in my apartment since. About a week ago, I oiled it and did test stitching. The machine is running well. The machine came with a flat table and I purchased a stitching guide as an accessory. There are two feet included. There was a LED light that machine came with (similar is $10-12 on Ebay), but I ended up using it in my shop on another piece of machinery, and it broke at some point. Thanks, Marko
  9. Purchased it three years ago from Bob Kovar, with intention of making knives sheaths (I am a knife maker) and knife rolls, but ended up not using it. Machine is available for viewing and pickup in New Rochelle, New York 10801. Shipping freight will be about $200 to a home address, $135 to a business. Will deliver for free within 60 miles. Comes with a stitching guide. Would consider a reasonable offer. Thanks for looking. Marko
  10. Thanks everybody for chiming in. It sounds like I will eventually need more then one type of leather sewing machine, but for now I would like to get a flat bed machine with a long arm. I think in the beginning, rolls will my main focus, as I already make scabbards out of wood (traditional way to store kitchen knives) and among my customers the preference seems to be more for wooden than leather scabbards. I have been looking at reconditioned Japanese-made flat bed machines with 20-25" arm. Extra arm lengh is preferable, as most rolls will be in 24x18" size. I am new to Japanes-made machines, but it seems that Seiko and Juki are pretty reputable brands, and many companies have them built their machines. Can you recommend a long arm model? What the best way about getting one? Ideally I would get a machine that has been reconditioned and tuned up for immediate use. I will check out toledosewingmachines.com, but also found nickosew.com. They seem to have a good selection of reconditioned machines. Budget would be under 4K with freight. I am in Westchester, NY. Thanks, Marko
  11. Thanks, Ralph - I am looking forward to more info, but I am going to check Campbell machines out right away.
  12. Hi Folks, My first post here. I am a kitchen knife maker who would like to make his own sheaths, knife rolls and other stuff related to knives. Ideally I would like to come up with an efficient setup, as knife making takes a good amount of my time. I plan on using a 3-ply sheath construction, and use vegetable tanned tooling leather in 8-9 oz, so I am looking for a walking foot machine capable of sewing through 3/8 of leather. I am not sure if I should be looking for the likes of Consew 206RB5 or heavier-duty machine. Could you please chime on this? For the machine, would you recommend getting one with the Servo motor? I would like to sew leather with thick nylon threads, would this affect the machine choice? Ideally, it would be the same machine that can produce quality stitches on 3/8 thick leather and thinner (knife rolls) and would not need many adjustments What other essential equipment would you recommend to get? I recognize the value of heaving right tools for the job, so I am willing to get everything that would make my work efficient and produce quality results. Equipment I have: -Grinder -Drill Press -Buffer Planning to get (please advice): -Rivet Press -Leather Knives -Mallets -T-squares -Dyes -Barge contact cement -Neatsfoot Oil & Wax Thanks in advance, Marko
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