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  1. Ken Nelson

    Husband has cleared me for new machine!

    I think any of the dealers listed in the banner on top of this site are reputable. I have done business, a lot with Steve and several times with Toledo Sewing and both are helpful, honest and good people. I don't know the others but would not be afraid to do business with any of them. HTH. Ken
  2. Ken Nelson

    Husband has cleared me for new machine!

    I don't know about what you will be building, however I build saddles and tack and have built a number of saddles on an Artisan Toro 3000 (no longer sold new, but leather machine Co and Toledo sewing machine co have a similiar one) and there is nothing on saddles, tack and chaps that the 9" arm cannot sew well and efficiently in my opinion. However, I have a Juki Pro 2000 with a 16" arm and like it. I would advise you to pay close attention to Wiz and his advice. A wealth of information and knowledge which he shares with all of us. HTH Ken
  3. Ken Nelson

    Can you run a cowboy 3200 on an old singer treadle?

    At one time the Singer 45K was available on a treadle stand. If you could find one, I am sure it would be heavy enough for your machine. You could probably build one similar from the pics if you have a shop available.
  4. Ken Nelson

    Mystery machine

    It DOES have a knee lifter. It would not be a 206 as it has a top load bobbin in it. All the Consew 206's I have seen have a side loaded bobbin.
  5. Ken Nelson

    Landis 5 in 1

    Panhandle Leather in Amarillo used to carry them and probably still do. They are expensive though. HTH Ken
  6. Ken Nelson

    Weaver auction

    What were the heavy single needle stitchers bringing last year? I asked weaver to send me a sale sheet. One page and not much on it. I would like to find a Luberto's Classic.
  7. Ken Nelson

    Can anyone tell me what this machine does?

    You are correct.
  8. Ken Nelson

    Weaver auction

    Is anyone attending Weaver's annual consignment sale this year? Does anyone order buy on that sale? Thanks Ken
  9. Ken Nelson

    Screw for lube box on Juki 441

    Thank you, Sir!
  10. Ken Nelson

    Screw for lube box on Juki 441

    thank you
  11. I have a Juki Pro 2000 Ferdco sewing machine I would like to put a lube box on. I got the box from Ferdco a number of years ago but the screw is not correct for this machine. Can anyone give me right screw size and pitch for this. I had it on a Cobra Class 4 for a while. Thanks Ken
  12. It costs to learn. I learned to build saddles using 2 book series. The Stholeman books and Harry Adams book. After I built over 50 saddles, I went to work for a really good saddle maker for 9 months. I didn't get paid much but if I had went to a school and learned as much, I would have paid a LOT of money. I have had a full book for a lot of years since.
  13. Ken Nelson

    WTS - Adler 30-15 Patcher Machine

    What does BTT MEAN?
  14. Nope, Not Fiebings Tan Kote nor Gum of Tragacanth. I have both of them and it is neither. It is a white paste and works wonders finishing edges. However there is no information on the jar about who makes it, or sells it. It is a shame as it is a great product.
  15. A friend of mine give me a small container of a product named Tackote. He got it off of a vendor at the Sheridan Leather Show several years ago. I have not been able to get an address, phone# or web site for this product. It is really good for polishing edges. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ken