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  1. I am dropping the price on this machine to $2500.00, local pickup. These are a really versatile machine that are easy to work on if you ever need to, which is seldom. I do have the manual, and VCR instruction video for it and will go with.
  2. I have a lightly used Luberto's Classic for sale. This machine was bought new in 2005 and never had the head mounted until about 8 months ago. It has only had 8 saddles sewn on it. It works great. It has a stirrup plate, holster plate and drop down edge guide. It has the adjustable foot for zippers etc. You can set the presser foot to be behind the needle for sewing up close to buckles. Includes the speed reducer, clutch motor, stand, thread stand and LED light. It uses 328 series needles and 794 needles. I will throw in 2 packages of needles of you size choice. It is a jump foot-needle feed with a square feed. The stitches are the same in 2 layers of chap leather as an inch and these machines will sew an honest inch max. It is located in Wakefield, Kansas. This machine cost $8000.00 new. $2,750.00 Will deliver up to 200 miles for a fee.
  3. I think Bruce Johnson, Troy West and Keith Siedel covered this a couple of years ago in great fashion. You might to a search on it.
  4. That is extremely impressive for the first saddle. You done a very good job. I have been at it a long time and cannot fault your work at all and you will get better. As far as the wade tree goes and I may not be correct here but I have been told for along time the guy that brought them into oregon was named Cliff Wade and Tom Dorance liked it and had Hamely build him one using the Cliff Wade saddle for a base for it and using some of Mr. Dorance's improvements on it. If memory serves me correct, I think the original Wade Saddle was made in Illinois or Ohio where he was from. Don't know if any of this is true or not.
  5. I once saw a limb run under a very loose rear cinch and end up in a horses guts. Terrible thing to watch and the horse died an agonizing death. It probably won't happen if you ride in trees and brush but I know for a fact it can if your rear cinch is too loose.
  6. Does anyone know the value of a really good American B crank Skiver? One that has been reconditioned and a good job of it? Thanks Ken
  7. It is great to see some of these young guns, get so good so quick. It just goes to show there is no limit how far you can go with some natural talent and a LOT OF HARD WORK.
  8. How much to ship to Kansas 67487? I am interested.
  9. It is hard to imagine that is just your 3rd one. You have worked very hard to get to where you are at. My hat is off to you. Not many do that caliber of work by the 3rd one!
  10. If you pick up the needle end of a table machine, you release the tension of the belt and can slip it right off using a standard speed reducer. The box speed reducers are nice though.
  11. Panhandle Leather in Amarillo, TX has much higher quality leather than Tandy at much lower prices and Jim Blain's shipping is the best Rates I have found. And they get orders out quickly!
  12. You are absolutely right! I would be lost without my duck bills and lasting pliers.
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