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  1. Take a look at Panhandle Leather, they have a good selection of hardware and the are good folks to deal with. Weaver should have what you need as well... Merry Christmas to all!
  2. I've had a roller guide on a Ferdinand 900 B and never used it, traded up to a Cobra Class 4 without a guide and haven't wanted for one . I use a stitching groover and follow it with my eye... You might try stitching before you spend the $ on one, you may do just fine without it. I guess it also depends on what you are making as well.
  3. Just a thought... Rear D placement should be measured from the front D and not the cantle due to the size of the seat. A 13" seat is a lot different than a 16" seat.
  4. I'm happy with my Cobra 4 and the service from Steve and staff. I sold a Ferdinand 900B to buy the Class 4 and have not had any regrets. I have not used any of the others on your list. Not a lot of help, just my 2 cents worth. If at all possible, go test drive your chosen list and see how they compare.
  5. Nice job! My 3rd didn't look that good... If you don't mind, who made the tree? It looks like a OY without leg cuts? Very clean lines and your tooling and pattern are really good. I see a style emerging...!
  6. Great job! Your sewing is very nice. Good design as well.
  7. I use leftover oiltan chap leather. I believe it is better for your horse and sweat doesn't harden it as much as vegtan, keeps the headstall soft longer.
  8. I asked my wife what she wanted for her birthday. She said "a divorce". I told her that I wasn't planning on spending that much....
  9. Some are calling for police departments to be "dismantled". How would our world go if ALL police agencies kept officers off of the streets for 30 days? As stated before, there are bad cops on the streets and they should be weeded out. By and large, police officers hire on to "protect and serve" and most do a very good job of it. It is a high stress job, not many can handle it and I am thankful for those who risk their lives for my safety. If you are anti-cop, present an alternative. If a person stays on the right side of the law, the police will leave you alone. If you are a thug or criminal, your chances of interacting with the police increase and most likely not in a good way. Be a good citizen and you probably wont have to worry about it... If you want to protest peacefully and respectfully, go ahead. If you choose to use protest for an excuse to destroy, burn, loot, and block public access, expect to pay for your transgressions. Arrest and jail SHOULD be what happens to those who break the law, too bad only a handful have to pay for their crimes. Respect for each other, the law, and self seems to be absent from society these days and has been replaced with selfishness. As for me, I'll follow the Golden Rule, treat others as you would want to be treated, works almost every time. Thanks Frodo, just my opinion...
  10. I like the figure 8 style, easy to use and they hang well from your back "D" or buckle around your horses neck if your country isn't brushy. They are easy to make and the only hardware is the buckle.
  11. I have used olive oil instead of NFO for about 3 years. I really like the color I get and it holds up pretty good on tack from saddles to breast collars, both see a lot of abuse in my country. I also melt beeswax in it for tack and holsters, just like everyone else, I don't know what the ratio is.
  12. Good job on the leather and very nice blades....
  13. Frodo... Thanks, brother for the "Wrong side of Heaven"
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