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  1. + 1 for Barry King, I use them on my saddles. Very nice imprint and easier to run than the cheap stamps.
  2. Cut it close and sand to shape...
  3. If you can't fix it with baling wire or duct tape, you have an electrical problem...
  4. Does anyone know who made the 2021 Champion Saddles for the Frontier Days Rodeo?
  5. This is just my opinion and we all know what that is worth... I want my breast collar tugs attached almost as stout as a rigging D. When (if) you rope a 1500 # cow, your breast collar can take a lot of strain! It happens in the mountains as well when you are riding up a steep hill. I want all parts of my saddle cowboy strong, you never know where it might wind up. I don't think a latigo hanger would hold up.
  6. You might check with Bruce Johnson. He has vintage learher tools and is a good guy to do business with, honest and good service.
  7. I use the B King and like it. To me, the most important thing with any knife is to have a sharp, polished blade...
  8. The ring is for your tie strings, I carry mine doubled over the back belt and the tails go thru the ring to keep them handy and out of your way. Tie strings are used to tie a cow or calf after roping them for doctoring... or what ever you need to hold one down for. At least that's how I utilize the ring...!
  9. ...if you were closer, I'd take you out calling! I've only shot four this week...
  10. Take a look at Panhandle Leather, they have a good selection of hardware and the are good folks to deal with. Weaver should have what you need as well... Merry Christmas to all!
  11. I've had a roller guide on a Ferdinand 900 B and never used it, traded up to a Cobra Class 4 without a guide and haven't wanted for one . I use a stitching groover and follow it with my eye... You might try stitching before you spend the $ on one, you may do just fine without it. I guess it also depends on what you are making as well.
  12. Just a thought... Rear D placement should be measured from the front D and not the cantle due to the size of the seat. A 13" seat is a lot different than a 16" seat.
  13. I'm happy with my Cobra 4 and the service from Steve and staff. I sold a Ferdinand 900B to buy the Class 4 and have not had any regrets. I have not used any of the others on your list. Not a lot of help, just my 2 cents worth. If at all possible, go test drive your chosen list and see how they compare.
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