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  1. I have an old wax pot from Ferdinand Bull if you want to try a pot on your machine. Let me know and I will find it and send it to you...
  2. I am so very sorry for your wife's cancer. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer April last year. She passed April 15th. Cancer is such a thief of life. Prayers sent for a full recovery. Keep your chin up and be her warrior, don't weaken and stay strong for both of you.
  3. Is the forward/reverse lever in the neutral position...?
  4. I use a 4'x4'x1/4" sheet of HDPE on my cutting/layout table. I'm on my second sheet after 25 years...
  5. You might look at youtube, look up threading a 441 machine...
  6. Very well done! I like your seat jockey shape and overall, it's well balanced. The only thing I would change is the rope strap where it attaches on the right side. When you dally, your rope will hit the strap and could tear it loose. I like to attach a cross over rope strap low on the front of the swell on the right.
  7. Steelstamp Inc, Not cheap, quality usually isn't.
  8. Bruce, is that a William Matthews watercolor on the wall? Nice shop!
  9. Very nice, i really like the file work.
  10. You know the difference between a horse shoer and a dog with no legs? There is no difference, you can call them all you want but, they still won't come...
  11. Some say red meat is bad for you... NOT SO, green fuzzy meat is bad for you!
  12. You can fold a piece of paper in half, draw one side of the curve, cut it and unfold the paper. That will give you a pattern.
  13. ...lots of experts out there...! Be careful on what you are sure of. Leggins, batwings, shotguns, and chinks are all chaps and have been made & used by what kind the cattledude wanted. Any and all of the chaps in the above photos could have been used by cowboys, therefor they all could be working chaps, if they worked in them...
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