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  1. Ken Nelson sadly I would have to agree with you, that's not the only issue I found. One stirrup cutout is 1/4 - 3/8 inch farther forward than the other, among other less lethal defects. But hell or high water I'm building on it and not stressed if it becomes an ornament. Being in Canada I'm just glad I can get things shipped to me sometimes. I was debating buying a top notch handmade tree for my first go and now I see I should have. This one isn't from the cheapest outfit either. I have a can of varnish that I'll put 2 coats on the entire tree after this bubble dissappears. I'm going to have to get on the waiting list of a good tree maker. I have one in mind, I hope he's in a good mood.
  2. Thanks for the response. The bandage....the rawhide on the back edge of the stirrup cut out pulled up around the nails and a stirrup leather wouldn't fit in clean like the other side. I lightly wetted the area down and used the rubber tourniquet to suck the rawhide down into the back edge. I think the stirrup leather would have rode forward compared to the other side. Could be over thinking things but that's my superpower.
  3. Hi everyone, starting build for the first time. I'm going over the tree and there are some fairly craterey holes from the nails in the rawhide around the base of the forks and a few other places. I was going to start laying some leather strips in to smooth out the areas but I was wondering if I could put a filler in the deepest holes first. I feels a little sacrilegious to use bondo but I saw someone using it on here before. Also found plenty of proud nails in the seat I need to hammer down too. Thanks!
  4. The project that started an irreversible penchant to work leather. No idea what a bar grounder was so I shaded the background with some sort of round seed tool.
  5. Wayupnorth


    Thanks folks. The winner of the derby now has the canteen. I missed by 2 places or I'd still have it. I stuffed with popcorn kernels to expand. I gave up looking for my ruler after 15 minutes, the teenager probably took it. It was just over 6 inches across and probably grew a little during packing. The spout is the same width as the striker strip on a box of matches. I would double the size of the spout next time, I made it too tight. Wine cork wouldn't fit. .
  6. Wayupnorth


    Leather canteen with wooden cork and sealed with beeswax. Made for the winner of the inaugural Gaucho Derby in Argentina last March.
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