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  1. Patrik

    Long Wallet

    Thank you. I am selling my work on Etsy so I am trying to take good pics.
  2. Patrik

    Long Wallet

    Long time ago I both lace cutter from Tandy. It´s little black plastic tool. I decided that it is time to try how it works. And it is actually working quite well. Braiding took no more than two hours, so it is not that hard once you´ll get hold of it. Yes, that is my makers mark. These are ma initials PS. I don´t have stamp yet so I am using swivel knife Thank you for stopping by.
  3. Patrik

    Long Wallet

    This is my latest work. I drew the design myself. Drawing these flower designs is not easy. At least for me. But definitely worthed and satisfying. I still have plenty of room for improvement though.
  4. Thanks guys. You are very kind.
  5. Thank you. Yes I really enjoy carving and stamping leather. I admire traditional western style carving. Leather I used for the bag is 10 oz veg tan cowhide for front and back and 6oz veg tan for the gusset. It is a bit heavy for the shoulder bag, I know, but I wanted to make something which reminds saddle bag and also it allowed me to make deep relief carving. And wallet is 6 oz for body and 2 oz veg tan for the interior. Patrik Thank you.
  6. Greetings from Slovakia. Thank you for adding me. This is my first post on this site. Shoulder bag and wallet with skull and dogwood flowers I made recently. I started working leather about a year ago and I enjoy it very much. I am making mostly wallets, knife sheaths and other small stuff.