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  1. Hi Folks, I'm looking for the sewing machine that I can used to repair horse blankets and leather goods. I have run across an NC 11L . It's a long arm, double needle, from the North Carolina Carpet Company. It's made for binding carpets but seems to have plenty of power. It's brand new and right around the corner! no freight!! I haven't heard of this machine and can't seem to find any reviews (outside of the home web site). Has anyone out there seen this machine or have any input on it's mechanical capabilities? I got to try it out and it seems to work fine on my samples but I am wondering about the longevity and mechanical soundness of this machine. Thanks so much - gunnerdiego
  2. gunnerdiego

    singer 29-4

    Hello Easy 1234, I have a 29-4 that I just got running. I have some questions about how to use it.. Can we chat?
  3. gunnerdiego

    How to Dilute Pro Dye with water (use Borax)

    Thanks so much fredk. After reading some of the other posts I figured that dipping would be a idea. Need to work out that process as the shop is very small. Which spray unit are you using? $20 is a reasonable cost. I'll pass this along.
  4. gunnerdiego

    How to Dilute Pro Dye with water (use Borax)

    Is there a good process for dyeing large pieces. When replacing a stirrup leather and fender it needs to be dyed to match the other fender. When we smooth the dye over the raw leather it streaks. We are using Fiebings but I'm not sure if she is using pro or regular.' It takes so much dye to dip... so are there any other good ideas for making this process turn out better.