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  1. thanks CD - I haven't had the chance to try the 18 yet as per Wiz. I'll let you guys know when I have a chance to run it. Paula
  2. Thanks so much Wiz - I'll put that in and see how it goes - I've tried so many things that I can't remember what I've done!! LOL Better start a "problem/fix" log!! CRS has set in!
  3. Hi CD - I'm using a schmetz 100 universal - but I think I'll try a couple of different needles - even the leather needle might work better for the blankets. I'll get back to you
  4. I'm having trouble with the thread shredding. I have checked that the #69 thread is correct for this machine as well as the #100 universal needle. It had been working great but I had been hearing the thread catch on the shuttle as it was pulled up. We found the shuttle shaft loose and repaired that as per a local technician. WE also changed the timing and that solved most of the problem. But it is still shredding the thread if I sew for about 1 minute. I'm finding that I need to make the top tension very tight to get the stitches to look good. This seems to be WAY too tight. I will adjust the bobbin tension today to see if I can keep the stitches balanced while trying to reduce the drag on the tension discs. I'm thinking heat? It's so frustrating because this machine has been a real champ up until now. :-(
  5. Thanks so much CD and Wiz - I am in Oregon and looking to find a service tech even out of state I suppose. The service folks around here don't work on these older industrial machines. I have the parts manual but need some help with diagnosis or someone to chat with about the mechanical problems.
  6. HI Folks - I have a Singer 96-16 industrial machine and I am in need of some sewing machine repair help - any one out there have experience with this machine or know someone who does repairs to this type of machine? Thanks Paula
  7. Thanks Alexander - I would like it to be a knee control for the servo motor - I like my big table that it sits in and would like to add the servo and some kind of control besides a pedal on the floor. might I use your hand control on a bracket under the table and use my knee to run it? thinking out of the box now...
  8. Thanks everyone - I will be installing a servo motor for my 96-16 singer and would like to keep it in the table I have currently - hope not to put it in a K-leg table for the foot control. Must get a bit creative I guess - I'll check out the utube from solar leather as well
  9. I don't see where anyone has answered the question about a knee control. I would like to put a knee control on my servo motor. Any ideas out there?
  10. Hi Folks, I'm looking for the sewing machine that I can used to repair horse blankets and leather goods. I have run across an NC 11L . It's a long arm, double needle, from the North Carolina Carpet Company. It's made for binding carpets but seems to have plenty of power. It's brand new and right around the corner! no freight!! I haven't heard of this machine and can't seem to find any reviews (outside of the home web site). Has anyone out there seen this machine or have any input on it's mechanical capabilities? I got to try it out and it seems to work fine on my samples but I am wondering about the longevity and mechanical soundness of this machine. Thanks so much - gunnerdiego
  11. gunnerdiego

    singer 29-4

    Hello Easy 1234, I have a 29-4 that I just got running. I have some questions about how to use it.. Can we chat?
  12. Thanks so much fredk. After reading some of the other posts I figured that dipping would be a idea. Need to work out that process as the shop is very small. Which spray unit are you using? $20 is a reasonable cost. I'll pass this along.
  13. Is there a good process for dyeing large pieces. When replacing a stirrup leather and fender it needs to be dyed to match the other fender. When we smooth the dye over the raw leather it streaks. We are using Fiebings but I'm not sure if she is using pro or regular.' It takes so much dye to dip... so are there any other good ideas for making this process turn out better.
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