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  1. cdthayer

    Portable compound feed machines?

    My portable compound-feed machine is a Singer 111G156 powered by hand (automotive steering wheel spinner knob), transported place-to-place inside or outside by a surplus folding wheel chair, and used on any sturdy flat surface. It weighs about 65 pounds. Photo shows it setting on a motorcycle air-lift table being used to reattach a purse strap (Tex90 thread). CD in Oklahoma
  2. cdthayer

    mini brute sewing machine info

    Nope. CD in Oklahoma
  3. cdthayer

    mini brute sewing machine info

    Looks like a mini walking foot machine to me. Good find. CD in Oklahoma
  4. cdthayer

    mini brute sewing machine info

    I worked on a Thompson Mini WF PW-103 back in 2007 (had to fabricate a replacement tension release tab), but it is a completely different model than what we’re talking about. Other than that, I don’t have any experience with any other mini walking foot machines, Thompson or otherwise. I think they’re cool little portable machines though. CD in Oklahoma
  5. cdthayer

    mini brute sewing machine info

    Did Sailrite take over the Thompson Mini Walker? Seems like maybe they did. Anyone know? CD in Oklahoma ETA: If he has a receipt that is 20 years old, he could have an interesting machine on his hands.
  6. cdthayer

    mini brute sewing machine info

    It would be kind of fun if it is a model that was taken over by Thompson and then renamed, but it could also be a knock-off of Thompson’s design. Can you get a photo of the foot and needle plate area, and one of the back side of the machine? CD in Oklahoma
  7. cdthayer

    mini brute sewing machine info

    It looks a lot like a Thompson PW-500Mini Walking Foot Sewing Machine, but I can't see the presser foot area clear enough to see if it's a walking foot. The "Mini Brut" label is not familiar to me. CD in Oklahoma
  8. cdthayer

    mini brute sewing machine info

    You'll have better luck doing searches for information if you spell sowing as "sewing". CD in Oklahoma
  9. cdthayer

    31-15 machine problem

    Singer 31-15: Check to make sure that your needle is oriented with the long groove to the left of the operator toward the face plate of the machine, and that it is threaded from left to right through the needle eye. CD in Oklahoma
  10. Is that a 205-370?  Is so, the owner should have been shot leaving it in that condition!!~!!  .  Any questions, contact Allen at Weaver.  He is the foremost expert  on that machine having worked on them for over 20 years.

  11. That looks like a good “winter project”. I’d say go for it! Here’s my winter project this year. I started soaking it in oil in September 2018 to get it loosened up. The outer foot presser bar is the only thing still seized. The first thing on the agenda was to evict a hive of yellow hornets. Since then, things haven’t been nearly as exciting.... CD in Oklahoma
  12. cdthayer

    Singer 78-3 Treadle

    I had not seen the Singer 119-2 machine before. Thank you for showing it. It appears that it would be an excellent machine for mending repairs, where a person would have to get into tight areas. I still don’t have a source for 78-series parts. I still haven’t needed any. I don’t use the machine a lot, but I found out that it’s really useful for basting the lining to the outer shell on insulated work clothing when I need to replace a zipper. The long 3SPI basting stitches are easy to remove afterwards. I swapped the machine into a different treadle since the last photos shown in this thread. It’s now in an industrial-size Singer treadle that is outfitted with a household 12-inch flywheel. I didn’t have a 16-inch flywheel for this treadle, so I put a smaller one in it with an extended pitman rod. It works just fine this way. Besides my basting with it, the wife still uses it for straight-line quilting, so it is still set up for Tex30 thread for both uses. CD in Oklahoma
  13. cdthayer

    Singer 16-41?

    Rant: Billroy1, are you one of those east coast liberals that wants everything for you, and to hell with the rest of us? Why don’t you put some information about yourself in your profile? Your “About Me” says “coming soon”. BS. Put it in there or shut up. I wish that I had checked that before giving you the photos that you wanted. I’ve had it with the radical activists swooping in to turn a good forum into crap. First it was a radical feminist in NY that wanted to take the stage, what is your cause? CD in Oklahoma
  14. cdthayer

    Singer 16-41?

    The pitman rod (and flywheel) is from a domestic-use smaller treadle. I had to make the pitman longer for the larger industrial stand. I’ve since moved the 16-41 to a regular industrial treadle (16” flywheel) to use the Frankenstein treadle (12” flywheel) to run a 78-3 needle-feed machine to do straight-line quilting. The smaller flywheel slows it down a tiny bit, but not much. The outer foot on my machine is part #3136, modified by cutting the right toe off. I don't know what number tension spring mine has. CD in Oklahoma