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  1. cdthayer

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    Isn't it amazing how much Plumbers know about sewing? Enough to boggle my mind! I recently did a golf cart seat and backrest job for my local Plumber. He's a younger guy than me and a great plumber that claims he doesn’t know anything about sewing. When I found a shop towel stuffed into the seat cushion of his used golf cart that had been put in by a previous upholsterer to fill the void in one end of the seat where the driver usually sits and the foam had gotten worn away from use with a damaged seat cover, and told him about it, he asked if I'd put the shop towel back in before I stapled the new seat cover on. I told him that of course I did, and he said "Good, it was there for a reason, and I don't want to buy new foam. Good job." Last I heard, he was totally tickled with the new seat covers, but now his batteries had crapped out. There goes $1000 for a new set of batteries....but since it's got totally awesome seat covers and backrest pads on it, I would assume that his wife will allow the purchase of new batteries. I’ll keep you posted.... CD in Oklahoma
  2. cdthayer

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    I was going to try to lighten things up by mentioning that a bunch of us have been sort of left out of this conversation about Craftsmen and those that are above by not including the fine work done by the wannabees, shade-tree-sewers, rif-raf stitchers, part-timers, half-fasters, here-hold my-beer-sewers, and village idiots, but I decided not to.... CD in Oklahoma
  3. Thanks for that information. It was news to me. Both of my Adler 205s (Grey 205-64 and White 205-370) have the same throat distance of 12.5 inches. If they were any longer, I couldn’t hand crank them with a steering wheel spinner knob. On the suggested tarp-sewing machines, my days of sewing on big tarps are about over. I can’t walk and carry weight much anymore, and the big tarps take a lot of repositioning to get everything to the needle. CD in Oklahoma
  4. Thank you. Resewing that pool cover was an interesting project. The webbing was still good, and the mesh was still good, but all of the thread that stitched them together had failed or was failing. My hard work only lasted a couple of years, we found out. They told us that a whitetail doe deer decided to run across it one night, and before they finally got her out of the pool, she had torn it up beyond repair and they bought a new one. CD in Oklahoma
  5. I use a 1944 Singer 111W153 for tarp, awning, pool cover work. (I nicknamed it “Ol Dirty” because the tarps that I work on (repairs) are always dirty.) It’s a compound-feed machine without reverse. I run Tex90 thread top and bottom, and the power stand that it runs in has a 3470 rpm clutch motor without speed reducer. I seldom run it wide-open (the max speed of the 111W153 is 2900 rpm), but I can run some thread through it quick before I have to stop and reposition the work. I had to resew three stitch lines on every piece of webbing reinforcement on a 30x60 used mesh pool cover once. I blew the sand out of the hook area with my air compressor several times, and like to drown it in Lily White Sewing Machine Oil. It’s amazing how much sand a mesh pool cover can have in it. The sewing went fast, but the unfolding, repositioning, and refolding like to wore me out. CD in Oklahoma
  6. Now what in the world made you spell sew like that? (I ask myself that every once in a while with some of the words that I use.) CD in Oklahoma
  7. cdthayer

    Help with pricing

    As an example of inflation, back around 1980 before I was making my own belts, I had a couple of belts made for my wife and I that had our CB handle names on the back. All hand-made with a floral pattern, cut-out letters in back with bright blue backing leather beneath, antiqued finish, and buckstitched with white lace. I think they cost me $40 each, which was sort of expensive for us at that time. I just ran the 1980 $40 amount through an online inflation calculator, and it said that $40 has become $131 in 2019. And don’t forget to figure in more labor cost now that everyone’s wages will be going up with the House of Representatives passing a $15/hour minimum wage for everyone this week. CD in Oklahoma
  8. cdthayer

    Help with pricing

    I think that inflation plays a large part in what carved and/or sewn leather should cost today compared to 60 years ago. I just don't know the answer to the actual cost comparison, unless you run the numbers through an online inflation calculator. That would require knowing exactly what an item sold for back then, and that may be hard to determine. I've not ever done that, but it might be interesting.... CD in Oklahoma
  9. Can you expand on that a little for me? You're saying that the Adler 205-370 came out in two different throat depths? CD in Oklahoma
  10. cdthayer

    N.O.S. Singer 29k60 shuttle carrier p/n 82205

    Maybe he noticed that it says "Singer" instead of "Simanco"? CD in Oklahoma
  11. cdthayer

    WTB really cheap walking foot machine

    Aren't we all...... CD in Oklahoma
  12. cdthayer

    Stapler for box loops

    Could you make your own staples by bending wire and pre-punching the holes in the leather? I'm not sure what kind of wire you'd want to use. CD in Oklahoma
  13. cdthayer

    Help with pricing

    I forgot to add, that although we have PayPal for online payments, we also use SquareUp for on-site credit card payments. It used to be free for the gadget to go on a Smartphone to swipe cards, but we've had to buy the updated gadget that reads chips and swipes cards both. We like SquareUp and have used it for several years. I hear that PayPal may have a similar gadget for Smartphones now. CD in Oklahoma
  14. cdthayer

    Help with pricing

    That's probably the best thing you're doing at this point Kolton45. That one important question will tell you a lot about what the Buyer has in mind (or, if they're out of their mind). Some people who don't do crafts of any kind don't realize what is involved to make an item just to their specifications. The only other thing that I would mention, is to not let friendship determine who pays up front and who doesn't. Get a plan together on what gets paid when to avoid being left holding the bag for non-payers, and then stick with that plan for everyone. Friends included. Lots of friendships have been ruined because of what the friend is supposed to pay and when. CD in Oklahoma
  15. cdthayer

    Singer 29-4 usable?

    Thanks for the information Gunnarsson. It’s interesting to get an idea of prices in your country/area. I agree that if you’re not going to use it much, the cost could be wasted money. I have a sewing shop where I do repairs, so my 29s have paid for themselves and earned a profit. Much of my sewing over the years couldn’t have been done without a 29-style machine. CD in Oklahoma