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  1. Ahh yeah I think you’re right about it being needle feed. Its hard to tell from the picture. The seller said it’s in a storage locker, so they won’t get back to me with other pictures for a few days unless I buy it straight up. Just based on shape and the back it looks like a Singer 78 class machine to me. Was just looking for another opinion. They’re looking for $100 with table and motor. The machine definitely looks seized and in pretty rough shape, so will probably pass on it. Thank you.
  2. I can’t really tell what this machine is, someone posted it locally and was a little interested. It looks to be a triple feed machine, but can’t really think of anything that look like this. Thanks
  3. Didn’t mean to take so long to reply. I kinda jumped the gun on ordering it and I guess it ended up being the short bobbin. It has a 25mm or 1 inch diameter. The part number on the hook is unfortunately ground down too much. The case has #19977. This leads me to believe that #11910 is the actual bobbin. So 7-9 fits a little better.
  4. It looks like it, I could be wrong though.
  5. You were definitely correct. A lot of the parts are matching from the 7-25 part list. I couldn’t really find any other info on the 7-25, like what they were used for and there capabilities. I did end up ordering some large 7-31 bobbins because they also had matching part numbers in the manual. Any other info would be awesome!
  6. Not actually convinced it’s a 7-11 tho. The feed dog and take up lever are different. I will try to look up some of the parts and see what it actually became/is.
  7. I got a new machine for this thread. Picked up a Singer 7SV11 which I’m assuming is a 7-11 variant.
  8. I actually ordered that hook slide plate last night! I’m still looking for a suitable take up lever, but don’t really want to spend $30 on something that may or may not work. Another thought came to mind about this machine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a zig zag machine with a bobbin mounted on a vertical axis. They always seem to be horizontally mounted on flat bed machines. Like on the 107w. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on that.
  9. Sorry about that. The picture files were too big to upload directly and didn’t want to lose resolution from compressing them.
  10. I started doing some part lookup browsing and found that it’s actually a 17w class upper portion. Makes me start to wonder if this was really just someone’s cool experiment.
  11. Thank you! That is very helpful. I didn’t see anything on ismacs with a W prefix. I saw your restoration of a 51WSV2 and was kind of expecting it to be similar to this one, but after further examination I can say they don’t look too similar. I did take a look at the Singer 32 you mentioned and it does look like the zigzagging mechanism is very similar. Here are some additional photos of my machine. I had to take the original drive wheel off because it had some broken set screws. https://imgur.com/gallery/a9Sp328
  12. Hi there everyone, I just picked up a 51WSV28 similar to the one below, but am struggling to find any information on it. Looking for a service manual or something similar. I'm starting to think that this machine is really a 51W101 which I was able to find a parts list for. Did not find a service manual for the 51W101. My Machines serial number is: W1387801 51WSV28 http://www.usa-dealer.net/SINGER-51WSV28-POST-SEWING-MACHINE-ZIG-ZAG_p_517.html# 51W101 http://www.sieck.de/en/machines/sewing/zick-zack-machines/?produkt=9854 Any information would be greatly appreciated. Just need a few replacement parts to get my machine started. I can provide pictures of my machine too if needed.
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