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  1. leecopp

    from Desktop to portable!

    I keep thinking that it would be fun to mount a similar machine to a medium duty hand truck and have fold down legs for the left side. Roll it to the location, pivot the machine up and pivot the legs down and be ready to go! (this is not my original thought .. I just felt it was cool.)
  2. Yep pretty much the same as the consew unit. Yes the larger handwheel made the difference. It would not treadle with the stock handwheel. You could distinctly feel the cyclic loading and it would bog down the treadle. With the huge rotational mass of the 42-5 handwheel and the larger diameter of the associated pulley, the whole rig works.. I have been using this configuration for a couple years. I sew as a hobby and I am not in a "production" environment. I do not sew leather with this rig but do some heavy canvas work.
  3. I am a sewing machine newbee compared to many here, but in effect it is really not much different than installing a speed reducer. There may be some safety concerns about the unguarded belt drive that a professional might want to distance himself from. But if you can keep your fingers, hair and other bits from getting caught in the drive belt you may do just fine. I have installed the big ol' handwheel from a Singer 42-5 on my Seiko STH 8BLD3 and have the rig powered by a Singer 29 foot treadle. The favorable drive ratios and rotating mass allows this to work great for the heavy canvas work I do. Have some fun Lee in Florida
  4. leecopp

    Rare Dinger 31-15 treadle

    Wow that is fun. Thanks for sharing
  5. leecopp

    Mounting servo on top of table

    Thanks Sark9 and Michael for the photos .. I am not familiar with the multi-chunk motor style. Is the belt being tensioned by the weight of the motor or am I missing something. Michael .. at the power company .. we had a temporary substation built out in the wilds on wooden cribbing and such at it had been there for more than 30 years when I connected to it last!. Happy Day
  6. leecopp

    PFAFF 30

    Friend Jimmy has a Pfaff 130 with a Pfaff industrial table and motor setup .. Lots of fun pictures to look at. https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/atq/d/pfaff-130-industrial-sewing/6687211458.html lee
  7. leecopp

    Consew 206RB-5 setup?

    Consew manual - http://www.consew.com/Files/112347/InstructionManuals/206RB-5.pdf a better manual for the very similar Seiko STH 8bld3 hosted by Keystone Sewing (thanks Greg), shows many more assembly details. http://www.keysew.com/Webpages/Owners&PartsBooks/OwnersBooks/STH-8BLD-3Ownerskeyfoot.pdf
  8. leecopp

    Consew 206RB-5 setup?

    See Mr Dyers video at for bobbin winder info. Top picture plastic chunk. Belt cover for the servo motor Second picture spring things = spare motor brushes .. Curevd thing with cork .. spare brake pad for servo Picture 3 - various chunks of machine belt cover.
  9. leecopp


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8SsIFb6Bqz7bjBSb2Y2cjlMNGs/view This link seems to work and looks to be the same book Edit: uploaded file since 3rd party files often disappear! SINGER-111W152-111W153-111W154-111W155.pdf Lee
  10. leecopp

    111wW115 hook replacement

    Hey Game, The whole issue is in the adjustment of the presser feet . I have done 2 of these machines and both were tough for me to dial in ( I am an admitted rank amateur). if the adjustment is off the vibrating foot does not clear the feed dog and that pushes the material forward. Be patient, it took me many adjustment cycles before everything fell into place. There is a good discussion of this topic at :
  11. From the chapter where no good deed goes unpunished... Trying to help a neighbor get his 111w153 working again. It has a sketchy past, unknown when it sewed last , sister tried to adjust the bobbin tension, presented with a broken timing belt. So far... 1. Replaced timing belt. went surprisingly easy! Arrows are lined up. 2. Unfroze the stitch length eccentric and the push button 3 Re timed the hook. It was striking the needle solidly .. wow . Needle timing was ok. 4. balanced out the walking foot. >> So now things are sewing fairly well except. The Presser Foot Lifter doesnt have any effect until the needle is mostly out of the fabric. I would expect to be able to leave the needle buried and lift the lever and have the feet clear to about 1/4". Any suggestions for next steps? Lee in Florida where it is getting warm and humid! Oh, and thanks Uwe for the great hook timing video.
  12. leecopp

    Consew 226 Sewing machine

    Both Toledo Industrial and Keystone Sewing sell the the 550 size servo with the 50mm pulley as the default or an option. As mentioned above this is a great place to start. I had an eagle brand servo come with a machine and had no luck fitting a smaller pulley (odd shaft size, I was unwilling to throw any more money at it).
  13. leecopp


    The Treadle is an Adler, perhaps the machine too!
  14. leecopp

    Singer 78-3 Leather Needles

    Hey Leathersmyth . . what kind of sewing do you do on your 78?
  15. leecopp

    Singer 78-3 Leather Needles

    Whoops, my notes say that it sewed ok with 138 thread top and bottom, but I have only done limited test sewing, no projects or extended testing. It was before I built my junk box bobbin winder and it was a bit tedious on a treadle powered winder on a domestic machine.