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  1. Aven

    deutsch hooks

    If the hooks Fred link are the ones you are looking for, I don't think you will find a direct substitute. Dutchware products are made for the hammock camping community, so you could try googling hammock camping. I will say thought that I've used Dutchware for years, ( I have a few of Dutch's original prototypes) and have nothing but good things to say about Dutch's products.
  2. Blackjack, do you have a pattern in mind? Do you have any experience sewing garments?
  3. John called this morning. We chatted for a bit over my difficulty in locating the part on their website. I suggested they add the word Adler in the description, because that was why I couldn't find them. I searched parts for "Adler" and "Adler 205". Because I used Adler in both searches the spacers didn't come up. John said that he would have their website guys look into adding Adler to the title or description.
  4. Thanks for the link Uwe. That's exactly what I was looking for. There's nothing wrong with Weaver's needle guides. They didn't come up when I searched on their site so I tried calling their parts department, had to leave a message, and emailing. Since I didn't get an answer I thought I would check for other sources.
  5. Any other suggestions? I'm open to buying from an international vendor.
  6. Thanks Wiz, I'll give Weaver a call
  7. I'm looking for spacers for my 205. There weren't any extra parts included with my machine and I really would like more options than just using the 250. No one seems to carry them that I can find. Anyone know where I could get a full set?
  8. Well done Tim. I like that a lot. I would love to have it in my shop.
  9. Aven

    My work

    What are you using? Phone, tablet, computer? Mac? Windows?
  10. Thanks for the picture of it in it's natural environment. As I said, we used Magnails. Almost as long, but cheaper, running about 32¢ for the 3 1/2" long ones. But as I said, I surveyed on the other side of the country. Different place, different norms.
  11. For me, it's Nigel, Ian an Jo Nigel Armitage https://www.youtube.com/user/Nordicbadger Ian Atkinson https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLkCG-505-1t0rYlgBTSnpQ J.H. Leather https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcsJvB1ntSJd4AjLSTOBHCA
  12. Frodo, I have never seen such a spike, but I surveyed on the other side of the country. We always just used Magnails or a railroad spike. From what I can see #1 comes to a definite point. I think Zuludog is correct, it's probably a countersink.
  13. I agree with Retswerb, you have some nice pieces.
  14. Ryan, it is entirely possible I am wrong. I didn't see a wheel, but I'm viewing the forum on my phone.
  15. If you are looking for a maul. Checkout wrising.com. They have mauls that have cosmetic defects for about $30 for a 2lb maul. They carry other items that might interest you. I can only speak to the maul. I got mine about 4 years ago and am still very happy with it.
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