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  1. I have yet to find a manual. If you manage to find a copy, please share.
  2. What are things dogs love to chew? Sorry couldn't resist. That is a gift that I am sure she will cherish forever. I know I would.
  3. Aven

    New tool for the shop

    I love mine. It's just the right size. Just checked eBay. There is one for sale in Portland OR Search "New Professional Heritage Harnessmaker's 12lb anvil"
  4. Aven


    Thanks for the close up. Did it come off of something or was it something you put together?
  5. Aven


    I like it Tim. What is the base the motor is mounted to? What's holding it at that angle? Thanks.
  6. I have a dust collection system. I have a jet bag system for the big tools. I use a Dust Deputy with the shopvac for the smaller tools. It works, just not well enough to keep the shop dust free.
  7. I do woodworking and leather work. I went separate spaces for the reasons you listed. I just don't have a dust collection system that will scrub the air.
  8. The April 2021 issue of Shoptalk has a boot lasting photo tutorial by Deseree Olsen of Burns Boot. There are seventy seven photographs covering the process from attaching the insole to the last. It stops short of welting. No, it doesn't cover the entire process of making a boot, but it does shares a wealth of information. If you are interested in making boots/shoes and you don't Shoptalk, it might be worth ordering this issue.
  9. Nicely done. That should serve you very well. I would have been proud to carry that in the field.
  10. Welcome Klara. We all start where we start and there is no shame in that because you are beginning a journey. The collar is perfectly functional, so for that alone, it's a success. The fact that Rita likes it is a bonus. You have figured out how to make it with the tools you had on hand. The next step is learning how to make it match the image in your head. Leather working, like most other things, is a mastery of a bunch of little things that allows you to create what you envision. Like learning how to sharpen your tools, learning the best way for you to hold/control a tool or learning the order of steps for a project. You've made a fine start. I hope you decide to continue.
  11. Thank you so much for that Dwight. It made me laugh after such a day. I needed the smile. That's the best description I have every heard, describing that phenomenon.
  12. I'm sure that your first saddle was intimidating as all get out. But I bet building saddles is like making shoes, one set at a time.
  13. I thought blood was expected, if not required.
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