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  1. BandidoIrish

    First guitar strap since starting back up.

    Haha! That was the step that scared me most! After I airbrushed the rest of the piece the letters didn't stand out and it just didn't look right. So I used a very thin paint brush dipped in dye and hand painted each edge. I probably went over it three passes each letter? With every brush stroke I was certain I was going to slip and ruin the whole piece!
  2. BandidoIrish

    First guitar strap since starting back up.

    Thanks ya'll! I appreciate it!
  3. I made this guitar strap for a friend who owns Dreadnought Brewing here in Washington as a "see if I still like leatherwork" project. Turns out I still do! Comments and critiques are more than welcome as I'll be looking for ways to improve! Thanks in advance.