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  1. As mentioned above, some of us like to make our own. This happens to be my favorite holster for my Shield 9.
  2. BandidoIrish

    First guitar strap since starting back up.

    Haha! That was the step that scared me most! After I airbrushed the rest of the piece the letters didn't stand out and it just didn't look right. So I used a very thin paint brush dipped in dye and hand painted each edge. I probably went over it three passes each letter? With every brush stroke I was certain I was going to slip and ruin the whole piece!
  3. BandidoIrish

    First guitar strap since starting back up.

    Thanks ya'll! I appreciate it!
  4. I made this guitar strap for a friend who owns Dreadnought Brewing here in Washington as a "see if I still like leatherwork" project. Turns out I still do! Comments and critiques are more than welcome as I'll be looking for ways to improve! Thanks in advance.