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  1. Thanks, just ordered a lb spool of 346. I got a Boss this week, your posts on it have been helpful. Dan
  2. What’s your source for the waxed nylon thread? Tandy’s thread that specifically says “waxed” doesn’t list the size. When you say “waxed nylon” do you really mean “bonded nylon“?
  3. I read your blog post. Good stuff there. Whenever I have to adjust tension, I usually use different color threads for top and bottom when making the adjustment - makes it easier to get the knot buried in the fabric.
  4. Thanks for all the info Wizcrafts and Ferg. I have a Juki LU-1508N that I use for making bags, pouches and outdoor gear. I have used it to sew some thin leather and will continue to do so. I use 69, 92, and 138 thread in the 1508 but mostly size 92. As I get more into making leather items, I have a need for a larger machine. But sometimes sewing the thin stuff I need a cylinder machine. That's what prompted my question. For the occasional time I need a cylinder machine for sewing a peculiar type bag or something, I was hoping my new big leather machine, say CB4500, could be used with size 92 (or 138) thread.
  5. Most responses here to the question of a Cowboy 4500 vs a Cobra Class 4 seem to be along the lines of "choose the color you like best" or "which dealer is closer to you". However, I have seen a few posts indicating the CB4500 handles thin leather a little better than the Cobra. Can anyone comment on what the machine differences are that would allow this to be true? Or is it just a result of the skill levels of the operators in setting up their machines?
  6. Does anyone know the needle systems used by the Cobra 17 and 18 machines? The Cobra website doesn't say that I can find. Cobra has 135x16 leather needles for sale on their site but don't say which machine(s) they are for. I have a Juki LU-1508N that uses 135x16 and was wondering if the Cobra 17/18 used the same?
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