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  1. TKGeorge

    New Pricking Irons Dull?

    I was just using them to mark, but when they dont pierce into the leather they leave a raised bump on the back of the leather since the teeth were just pushing the surface down, if that makes since. I think I may just get into the habit of a light polish/sharpening for each new pricing iron I get.
  2. TKGeorge

    New Pricking Irons Dull?

    It could have been bad technique, or rough scraps of leather causing issues, but after sharpening them for 10 minutes they did work much better. The actual quality of them is superb, I'm not upset with my purchase, and will be ordering them in different sizes soon! So dont take this as a bad review if thats how it came out. Just trying to make them function at their peak.
  3. TKGeorge

    New Pricking Irons Dull?

    Thanks all for the help! I assumed a light polishing would be fine, but wanted to make sure before I went ahead with anything. And I did have a hard surface underneath, but good to,know that this could mess it up. I'm sure Ill be back with some other questions later, and hopefully some finished projects as well.
  4. TKGeorge

    New Pricking Irons Dull?

    I'm new to leather working and just recieved some of my tools in the mail. I got an 8 tooth 3mm Amy Roke pricking iron, along with a 2 tooth. The 2 tooth works perfect, but the 8 doesn't seem to go in to the leather to mark it, it looks as if the teeth are just pushing the leather down, if that makes sense. Is this normal? I guess since there is more surface area it may be harder for that many teeth to pierce, but I dont feel like this should be an issue. Should I go ahead and just gently polish each tooth, making sure to not change the angle obviously, to try and get it to pierce rather than just push? Am I crazy and just doing things wrong? Any help is appreciated.