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  1. Hi. This is my first post so let me start with a brief bio. I'm 64 and plunging into a long time interest in upholstery work as a hobby. I started by buying a machine before I had learned enough to know exactly what I wanted as perhaps many do. That has led me to more googling and landing here. :-) I bought a Singer 211A157AA Needle Feed machine thinking it would perfect for my intentions. I have used it successfully making a piped cushion for a window seat and replacing the fabric on two Sling type lounge chairs. But I found the needle feed to be less than satisfactory when it comes to holding the material when feeding. I stumbled onto a Consew 226 that needed some TLC but I was able to get it relatively cheap at $200. After some cleaning, adjusting, and oiling I put it my power stand and it sews just great. With the Consew was included a very old looking stand with a motor and separate clutch. It actually works but I haven't given any attention to it yet. I would like to ask you guys if it has any value and is it worth the elbow grease? I can't find a single reference to this type of clutch for sewing. Any info would be appreciated. Regards, TerryF
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