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  1. I had been working on one for the friend who referred this guy for well over a month, never being able to decide how to finish it. This guy came along, no budget, no real design in mind, just "Make me a cool guitar strap with a W on it." So I went to work and adjusted my plan as I went. 2.5" seemed to be the standard median width. Thanks to all for the compliments!
  2. Makes perfect sense. Don’t see a lot of lined knife sheaths so I wouldn’t have thought of that. Thank you!
  3. Vikefan beat me to it. Please let us know so I don’t waste any leather trying to figure it out!
  4. A close friend back home in Texas who is a luthier (instrument repair man) referred this client if his to me for a custom guitar strap to commemorate him releasing his first album. It’s been over a month in the works between my real job and a short vacation but it all came together tonight. Main body is Hermann Oak 6-7oz belt leather, liner is 2-3 oz Wickett and Craig black English bridle. Adjustment strap is same materials and slides between the body and liner for adjustment and is secured with the screw back concho. Let me know what you think. Always open to constructive criticism.
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