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  1. I have several small boxes I would like to cover with tooled leather and turn into a jerellery box. Any suggestions? I assume I should glue the leather on the box then sew the mitered corners. Should I replace the brass hinges with leather hinges? Are there any goog tutorials online? Thanks Adam
  2. thats what I am probably going to do. I just hope the manual stitch works well enough with the decorative stitch I already put on the back and flap. It will look better than a screwed up stitch but this is a give away project now.
  3. The problem is the flap is set I have already carved it but I think I can extend the gusset a bit without too many problems. I am doing this purse as an experiment anyway so when I get to a purse that matters I don't screw it up. but we'll see.
  4. I think I will do some experimenting tonight with the ruined gusset and cut a blank to sew onto it. I will use the roller guide with a double foot. I need to figure this out so I can sew the gussets into these purses. I think I can make a new gusset with a 5/8" tab to see if that gives me extra wiggle room. I will also extend the new gusset to possibly 3". Maybe the purses I make in the future just need a 4" gusset. Guess I need to find a purse pattern that accommodates that. Thanks for the advice.
  5. I was afraid you where gonna say that. Is there anyway to make the bottom stitch look any nicer?
  6. All I have is the Cobra 4 so I need to make that machine work. Which side should I sew on the top of the inside up?
  7. anester05

    Work Before Completion

    This is just my carvings before being finished.
  8. My machine works well and I can get a great stitch but when I try to sew in a gusset all hell breaks loose. I messed up the front so I have to remake the front and form a new gusset. Any tips on preparing this for machine sewing instead of hand sewing. I made the formed 2 inches wide with a .5 inch tab. Does the tab need to be bigger? The problem that I run into is when I go around the curves I run off the edge. Any advice will be welcome. Thanks, Adam
  9. Guess Ill have to spring for one of those. How does it move the leather without the feed dogs?
  10. I do not have the stirrup plat but I will try the glue up before I sew this next time. Also how do you sew right up next to a D-Ring?
  11. With a bifold the insides are 3/8" shorter then the outsides. When I was sewing on my machine when I got to the middle the wallet started to stretch against the machine causing the stitches not to get pulled through. I also started to list to the side very badly. Is there a technique in sewing the bifold insides to the back?
  12. I do plan on talking with Steve more on this but I am posting here to see if anyone else has had this problem and might have a quick fix. The main problem is the machine will be humming along fine and then a couple of stitches will not pull through. I am trying to stitch the length of a strap for a breast collar. It is just a single ply 10-12 oz strap. I don't seem to have this problem with thinner thread. Could this be a me trying to sew with too thick of thread? Thread I am using is 277 with a 200/25 needle. Here are some pictures of my problem. Thanks for any help on this. Adam
  13. I had the problem with my class 4. I was sewing a wallet which is about 4oz to the insides. All combined it was about 6-8oz of leather. I ended up using a #138 thread with the smallest needle that came with the machine. I had to adjust the top tension down a bit. The lock stitch you have there is probably as thick as the leather you are trying to sew.
  14. After looking at the disaster here what are some things I can do for my next project so I won't ruin it with my new machine. I love my sewing machine I just need to learn how to use it. I figure I need 3/8" edge instead of a 1/4" edge next time. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks Adam
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    Stuff I have actually finished, hoping my unfinished to finished ratio gets better.
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