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  1. I'm from Athens, Greece. I'll try getting some experience with the leather i have for now. For scraps i'll search local stores and maybe order from buyleatheronline, which has low shipping cost and no custom fees.
  2. Thanks for the help! I never would have thought that i would get such an amazing reply!
  3. Hi, last week i bought leather for the first time. I want to make watch straps and other small leather items as a hobby and i bought a cheap piece of leather for testing purposes. I think the shop owner said that its cow but i don't know anything about the tanning or the finishing. The problem is that when i bend it, it cracks, the colour lightens and the texture becomes rough. Is that normal? Is it a quality problem or this type of leather is not suitable for a strap? In the pictures bellow one piece became like this just by touching it and the other after some bending.