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  1. Szkil

    Is it a Pfaff 1245 or a 1246

    Ok a bit more digging turns out that this is a Pfaff 1242.
  2. Hi all, I need help with an identification of a Pfaff 1245/1246 please. I can't tell if it is 45 or a 46 to from what I can tell it looks to be a 46 happy to be proven wrong. But it looks to have twin needle support even though its only running one set of tensions. There are no tags on this machine and even the owner a nice older lady (than me) who seems to be a very nice seamstress but couldn't speak a word of English. Who just used it for make car covers and it was time for it to move on, doesn't do this type of work any more. Anyhow it doesn't have a walking foot in place, also as far as I can tell it is missing the presser foot bar. Given I am look at doing car seats and light medium leather work this machine looked ok to get started. Do all 1245/1246 models come with the ability to support a walking foot by default? Can any one confirm the machine from the pics please. The manual is available but the manual is about both machines so this doesn't help. The owner didn't have any extra's either to go with it so I figure a 1246 typical comes with a forward gatherer from what I have read. Regards Szkil. pfaff1245.webp