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  1. Randy, thanks your your help! I've been beating my head off the wall trying to figure out what to use. Is it possible to just use the Pitch Blend on it???
  2. Hello all, very new to the site and leather crafting. I'm making a leather quiver for my sons 13th birthday and have a question or 10.... any way, I picked up some leather9veg tan0 fron tandy leather.I dyed it with Fiebings leather dye, buffed it out until the white cloth came up with no residue. This is where I get confused. I don't want the quiver to be all shiny with a gloss type look to it. Do I have to put a finish coat/top coat to it or can I just use Montana Pitch Blend and move on??? Once again I'm new to the site and appreciate any help! Thanks Joe
  3. OK, so I confused here after reading and researching a bit, some say not to use Neat Lac as it clogs the pores and does not let leather breathe! Do I have to actually seal or finish the leather. I just dyed the leather now is it OK to just use some Montana Pitch Blend on it instead of the Neat Lac??? Thanks again!
  4. Hi all, new here and a very cool site indeed! I made a back quiver for my son's upcoming birthday, 1st time working with leather. It is made out of vegetable tan leather that I stained brown! I picked up Neat Lac to finish it but have no experience with it. Has anyone used Neat Lac before or is there a better way of finish/sealing the quiver??? Also will it darken the leather at all? Thanks Joe
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