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  1. Hello to all : I started this project after a friend asked me if I could use what was left of his African Sable Cape . He got his sable with a traditional recurve bow in a recent trip to Africa. This is what I came up with. Enjoy the pics : .
  2. Finished this sheath with stingray inlay. I did the filework on the blade and a friend added the ivory and the massacarr ebony and the pins. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  3. Finished this project for a friend and staff traditional bow shooter. Enjoy the pics.
  4. Finished this project as a Christmas present to a Missionary friend son . I used massacar ebony wood on the blades, with homemade pins and did file work on the blades. I used a tool I made out of a bolt to do some of the tooling pattern. I added a flashlight holder (115 lumas) a Magnesium firestarter and ball compass. The closures on the sheaths are Rusian Boar tusks my friend shot with his bow. All in all it was a fun project and gift to give to my friends son. He will use and have to pass on for generations to come. Isn't Leatherworking a great way to give to others things that don't come massed produced. And a way to show off our craft and God given talent to others. Hope you Enjoy the Pics.
  5. Good day to all !! This is my first try at making a holster out of stingray. I just got a set of new laser grips for my gun and need a holster to fit it. The stingray was small so I had to put the white sideways to fit. Enjoy the pics and thanks in advance.
  6. Good day to all!!! I started this knife and finished the filework on the blade. My friend Roger finished the handle for me. Here is the sheath I finished for it . Hope you enjoy the pics.
  7. Hello to all: I make this sheath to fit this knife I just finished. This is the first sheath I have tried with inlay. The knife is pretty common with massacar ebony wood, brass spacers and homemade pins. Enjoy Thanks Goldwing
  8. Hello to all : I finished this sheath to match my knife I made. The talent on this sight is unreal. I hate to post some of my stuff because of the talent on this site make my projects look lame. But her it is anyway. I built the sheath to keep the knife at a very slight angle wanting to not stab me in the side when siting down. The knife is the 4th one I have made. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  9. Hello to all! finished this armguard for a friends Christmas present. The lady wanted her husbands name on the armguard. Didn"t want to just stamp in it wanted to try something different. so here it is . Hope you enjoy. Thanks in advance Tim
  10. Well just finished this combo pack. I built the knife and hatchet. This is my first atempt at doing a knife and hatchet. I used curly maple /cocobolo in the handles. I made the pins out of brass and aluminum. The leather I airburshed and used a antler tip to secure the hatchet into the leather combo pack. The steel my wife gave me before we were married 32 years ago. Hope you enjoy the project. Thanks in advance Tim.
  11. Yes I built the longbow from scratch. I just started doing them This is the forth one I have done. To get started I purchased a tape from Bringham projects. They have all you need to get you going. Also Stickbow.com and Tradegang, have very good information and bow buildalongs to help you get started and you can post questions. If you get started and have questions contact me and I will help you out however I can. Thanks for the nice comments Goldwing. OHIO
  12. Well here is another one. I started this year building longbows. MY sister wanted me to make one for my brother inlaw. Well after he got it he needed a quiver and armguard. He liked my favorate so much . Well you get the rest of the story. So here is my new one and I really like it better. SO thanks Dave. Hope you enjoy the picks. Goldwing.
  13. I was in need of a new 3d quiver. This one holds all the stuff I think I had to have . Yes I made the belt also. Hope you enjoy. Thanks in advance Goldwing
  14. Hello to all. It has been a while since I posted. I built this armguard and quiver for my friend. He has won the world championship with a longbow for the last several years. His old quiver was plan and drab. I thought I would try to upgrade his quiver and armguard . So here it is . Hope you enjoy the picks.
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