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  1. Thanks again, it will be a long process to get it resolved, but i'm I'm enjoying the machine now. Best, Carlos
  2. Thanks Glenn, My machine functions fine as well and i don't think I will need the wax box? But because shippers damaged it I might as well file for a claim. Thank you for your constructive advice, Carlos
  3. Yes that's what I ment. My machine was built in 1942. I was just repeating what the shipping paper work said.
  4. Friends, is there anyone here who knows how much is a Singer 97 10 ( wax box ) cost? Mine was damaged during shipping and the shipping company would like to know the cost to replace just the wax box. The box was ripped of the Head body totally destroying one of the screw mounting holes connected to wax box and the screw on the other side was broken off and is currently stuck in the machine head body. Other than a fabricator, a new box is the next best thing? Need advice, C.
  5. Wow, thanks! I have no Idea there where so many diff. machines?
  6. Thanks again ! ...here is what I found in the patent web. Heavy Iron indeed.
  7. The take up arm is missing. The awl and take off needles are much like the "Puritan" ones. Hi. No markings. Just a serial number on the top.
  8. That's maybe it! It sure looks similar. It's a good direction to research. Thank you again for this.
  9. Will update with more pics tonight, and i think I did saw a serial number at the top, so I will get back with everyone ASAP. Thanks again, Carlos
  10. Yup, its a mystery. The access cover is missing and the thread "swing arm" that sweeps the line to create the stitch is broken. The machine functions great and the internal gears are not corroded at all. Its a compact and it looks like it can saw a 1/2 inch thick leather as well? There is a ( gold or copper ish ) patina coat under the black paint? Usually when this coat is present, the machine is a bit on the old side? Thanks again every one. Carlos
  11. thanks Bob, I will try it tonight. Carlos
  12. Hi I'm interested, please text me. 407 684 8801 Thanks C.
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