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  1. Cferna27

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    Im talking to my welder friend right now about all of this? it is the quickest and cheapest fix, but can be touchy later on as i'm finding out. I'll update when I can. Thanks again for all the suggestion. Great bunch of folks! C.
  2. Cferna27

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    Thank you so much for both your advice. A friend volunteered to see if he can weld back the pieces together? So lets hope that works out? C.
  3. Cferna27

    Singer 7 33 fly wheel

    Greetings all, Just purchased a Singer 7 33. It was damaged during delivery. Does anyone know where I can find a (fly wheel)?
  4. Cferna27

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    Hi, ...was thinking about the same exact thing. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, ...well I just purchased a Singer 7-33. been looking for this for a long time. Upon receiving the machine, low and behold the machine is damaged. BAD! In short, can any one please help me find a Fly wheel?
  6. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    Hi and thanks. I'll remove the plate and see if this unit can reverse. C.
  7. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    Here is a closer pic of the presser. Here is the foot. I cannot find a similar foot design to replace it?
  8. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    Hi to whizcrafts: No sir, the last guy I got it from said that he won it in an auction? The gentleman that use to an it had passed and the relatives did not want to have anything to do with it? To mikesc: Hi, thank you for this. It lools like you may be right. The presser/ foot does look more like a soldering piece than a traditional sewing foot? So far I have been sewing with it and the current foot seems to be working well. But it leaves a little dimple on the leather though eifht beside the stitch? The clutch motor is hard to control. Your right, I may need a servo for this. Nut now I'll be happy just to get a more traditional presser for it. The pic shows the way the presser is attached.
  9. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    Here is the back side of the Adler. There us a counter box and connecting wires leading inside and in the presser foot itself?
  10. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    H,i I will try and get some better photos. Meanwhile here us the back side if the same circuit box. Thank you again for all the help C.
  11. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    here is another angle of the control box.
  12. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    Hi, Here is the motor again.
  13. Cferna27

    Adler 205 question

    Hi, I moved this question from the "how too section". Hoping I can get more answers? I just got this Adler 205 mo 25sf. I was told that the MO stands for mocassin and mock shoes? My questions: It seems that there is no reverse on this model? Is that correct? The pic. With the electronic panel has a black dial on the right side. Is that a rheostat for adjusting the motor speed? The machine sew's ok in a slow phase. But it's hard to control the clutch motor, as many here probably can relate? Please see added pics. Thanks in advance, C.
  14. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    That Adler is made to sew moccasins and moc style shoes. That is what the -MO indicates. You will have trouble sewing regular leather with that setup. Hi again, do you happen to know the use for that Dial on the right side of the electronic panel (page D.) . is that a Rheostat for controlling the motor speed? Thanks again, C.
  15. Cferna27

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    Thanks again for the quick reply. C.