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  1. Orellaca

    Needle clamp for adler 30-1

    Thanks for advise/ information will first try clamp for the singer 29k, still waiting for fasteners, $127.00 is a bit steep, considering that still do not know is machine will work Thanks
  2. Orellaca

    Needle clamp for adler 30-1

    Thanks again
  3. Good afternoon I recently bought an Adler 30-1, but is missing needle clamp and screws, not very experienced but could not pass when I saw machine listed iin Craiglist Would appreciate any help , could not find in Ebay, will a singer 29K fit?or where could I get one? I am located in Houston Texas thank you Carlos
  4. Orellaca

    Needle clamp for adler 30-1

    Thanks, I ordered a singer 29k one, just in case it would fit, not too familiar with this machine, but called my attention when I saw it on Craiglist
  5. Orellaca

    Needle clamp for adler 30-1

    Thank you, will do
  6. Good day, I am new at this site recently bought an Adler 30-1 ( Greenish one) is missing needle clamp ands screws that hold it, can not find on ebay , are singer 29k needle clamp the same? or any idea where I can order one? will appreciate any help thank you Carlos