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  1. Yes, it slips even manually turning the hand wheel, and the plate is tight , free of debris, the tab seems a little far from the throat plate, I got the hook almost touching the needle, hopefully the throat plate will solve it; Have not sewed yet, motor was not connected when bought( missing belt)
  2. Hello again Thanks for help on 111w, Saw video on timing and now I have machines timed, the issue am having now is that the tab in the basket/ bobbin slips from notch under needle plate,( does not look worn to me ) Ordered a plate and waiting, I also noticed play in the basket, so a do not know if the basket/hook assembly is the problem Thanks and any advise would be appreciated Carlos
  3. Thanks a Lot for reply, I just viewed video again and appears if i slide hood all way to left, it will adjust mine has junk in bar seemed it could not be moved more to Left ti disengage will give it a try tomorrow thanks got hopes up again, will let you know thanks
  4. Good day every one, My name is Carlos, from Houston Texas, I recently acquired a singer 111w155 since I have been interested in learning to sew some leather as a hobby, I also have a Adler 30-1. have only done a little patching a minor items with it. I have problems with the singer 111w155, and would appreciate some needed help if possible. got it about a week ago, cleaned it with W40 and kerosene , then oiled with sewing machine oil. It did not have a belt to motor, but after it was lubed I did some manual stitching and it worked some. Noticed the arrow in the timing pulley was a little bit, OFF, removed timing belt, installed it with the take up level up and the arrows pointed as it showed in a members video ( Mr Grosse). But now the hook is way off when the needle in down position starting to come up ( first picture), even if I loose the the set screws for the gear for the hook timing does not even come close,, any advice on what to do, I have looked at videos and have the manual but can not figure it out 2nd and third picture is how timing belt was installed Thank you. Carlos
  5. This are better pictures 1st (3) pictures taken from front and last from the right
  6. When I get back home will take a better picture the eye of needle is sideways ,not towards front. the top thread I believe is too tight because bottom thread shows on top. and no, not blood, its propolis( bee glue) Have some beehives that I play aroud with.
  7. Good morning my adler only works with the needle grove to the right side ( while turning hand crank clockwise) I first had it to the left side and would tear thread and kind of wrap around needle. Is this correct? It sews
  8. Thanks for all your help. received clamp ( from singer 29k)screws and needles, got it working after struggling a couple days and looking at another post in this same forum.about threading issues the only concern I have is my Adler 30-1 works only when the groove in the eye of needle is facing to the right side if seating in front of the machine. From what I read in the post is suppose to point to the left side, I turned the needle around after it kept on breaking the thread when facing to the left ., Now it works but is the needle pointed correctly ?
  9. Thanks for advise/ information will first try clamp for the singer 29k, still waiting for fasteners, $127.00 is a bit steep, considering that still do not know is machine will work Thanks
  10. Good afternoon I recently bought an Adler 30-1, but is missing needle clamp and screws, not very experienced but could not pass when I saw machine listed iin Craiglist Would appreciate any help , could not find in Ebay, will a singer 29K fit?or where could I get one? I am located in Houston Texas thank you Carlos
  11. Thanks, I ordered a singer 29k one, just in case it would fit, not too familiar with this machine, but called my attention when I saw it on Craiglist
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