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About Me

Think it is time to fill this in. I am a New Zealander here in the great US. I have been doing leather for most of my life, and also made and repaired Saddlery.

I went to a Robin Yates saddlery school here in New Zealand and learnt the great art of saddle making. I do not have any, bar two photos of two western saddles, which I made back in NZ , with me. I then went on, and worked in Australia for 6 months with Quarter Horses and saddlery, before returning to NZ.

I was taken on as a part-time apprentise in an English Saddlery shop in NZ, where unfortuntly he retired way to soon, but offered all of the tools and machines which he wanted to sell to me, and of course I bought it all. He was a wonderful man. I also did a restoration job on an old side saddle. I loved that. So back in NZ I have a fully set up saddlery shop there. Too expensive to bring it here. I took part in competitions for leather, and won several overall awards, including one for a Western Saddle.

I have competed in countless western and English horse shows, gaining lots of awards with horses shown, also became a NZ Paint, Appaloosa, Quarter horse, Federation Judge, and was asked to become a dressage judge but that was when I decided to go to the USA.

Here in the US I am just started doing leather again after a long break to learn about training Reining Horses. I certainly have learnt so much, and have been so lucky to work for some of the very best in the business.

I own a Reining stud by Von Reminic, which due to lack of funds I have not got him to the show pen. I have had him since he was 2, and I must say that he is my pride and joy, and keeps me happy, when I ride him. All I have learnt has been practised on him. You can imagine how much better the next one will be. HA HA HA.

My gaol is get him to the show pen, and it will happen soon.

I do every type of leatherwork in NZ, but ended up doing mainly 3D leather Paintings on commission. I will soon see if that might happen here.

Have no family over here, so send lots of emails and photos to home.

I am always trying out new ideas, and ways of doing something with leather.

I get a thrill when the clients pick up their paintings of a reproduction of one of their photos. Makes it all well worth the work that it takes to create something different. As you all know.

Well that is it for now. A short story about me.

See Yah round.

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