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  1. Hi there. I need help to find somewhere I can locate a Brother Foot for a Brother DB2- B714-3 Machine. And needles to take a med to thick thread. I am not having much luck as I do not have a instruction book that goes with it. If you can point me in a direction I would be very grateful to you all.
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    Here are some leather roses I was playing with today. Kiwi.
  3. Hi there, Again. Here is another of my lastest work. I mounted it into a shadow box. approx 20" x 22" . Enjoy. taking a break. kiwi
  4. Darn you guessed my secret!!!!!. Could fool you could I . But it is l leather carving with a coat of colour. I just put some leather on the frame and now going to fit it. Currently working an other painting.
  5. Hi there All. I have been pretty busy, moving, promoting my work etc, and had no internet for a little while. But now things are getting back to normal. This is a leather painting that I have just finished. 12 x 14 approx. I am going to add some leather details to the frame to make it different, and then put it up for sale. Hope you are all carving great things and I am hoping to catch up with what has been posted latelt. Kiwi.
  6. Well I finally got the beading I did sometime ago into a belt. Hard to find the time in between other work to do. I used med brown dye and then applied antique. Turned out not too bad. Need to start finding the time to more beading again. Happy Carving. Kiwi.
  7. I noted that a few of you after my tiger post asked to see it uncoloured. That one no, no photos, but here is one for you to see the before and after. It looks a little strange because I add stuff, and sometimes the added items are not the same colour base as ther rest of the leather, which I really do not care about when it for a Painting. I do not generally let anyone see them before they are finished. I carve every detail, so that if it fades you can still see, and feel the details of my work. I get ideas as I go along, so half way through it sometimes ends up with different details to what I had planned on at the beginning. Then there are the ones that I end up not liking when I am finished. But everyone else does. The one here is an indian with deer and wolf. First is a picture of it before I add the finishing touches, second ready to dye, and then 2 of the finished picture. I always have everything on to it when I go to dye as I can see the finished painting as a whole. I had tried adding details afterwards, but the colours were off and blend right. ENJOY Happy carving. Kiwi
  8. Thanks to you all for the great comments on my tiger. I get a thrill do each and every one of my pieces. Kiwi
  9. Yep Firday the 13th was a bad day and I do believe in that stuff. I was called " a mad person, was never any good, like talking to a brick wall ", all because they forgot to tell me that the feed had changed on one of the horses, and of course it was my fault, and got yelled and cussed at. I should have told him to just go ahead and shot me if I am that bad. But I never said one word. They get me free to cover rent 2 hours a day. That made my day that is for sure, then my car battery was flat as a pan-cake and could not do my business chores. Then, joy of joys, my laptop decided to die on me. Thank goodness for my desk top. HP are helping me, via the internet, to get it up and running again. Think it is a virus in the hard drive. Lost everything that was onit. Will have to copy the needed photos, etc from this one to CD's and reload it when it decides to return to me. ( IF IT DOES). You know everything runs in three's, don't you now. So my day was really BLACK. Things will only get better now. Kiwi
  10. Thought that I would share another item I did and that is a Photo Ablum cover. The photo of the inside was too blurry to post sorry. It had a ring Binder in side. That shows you that before the item leaves check your photos for this reason. My camera is giving me problems getting focused lately. Happy carving everyone. Kiwi
  11. Great seat. Wonderful finish and design. Must look great on the bike. Thanks for posting. Kiwi.
  12. Hi Lui, Very cool seat. Like the figure. Great job. Kiwi
  13. welcome to the site. You will learn heaps from all the members here as we are all willing to help each other out. Kiwi
  14. welcome and enjoy this wonderful site. Kiwi
  15. I am very sorry that you lost your job. I am sending my prays that you will fall on your feet. PLEASE do not sell your tools. I think there is a reason for everything that happens to us good or bad, and you were supposed to purchase those tools. I have been as low as you and really I am still going through the motions. I think that the best thing to do is write all your feelings, good and bad, whether you think you need a Doc, or not , and let the doubts and worries go into the paper then burn it.. I have and I think it has made me closer to the lord, without even asking to be. You have family near so you, have a support system to lean on. I know things look horrid, but it can only get better. I do not have the family support over here in the states, and do not share my worries with any of my close friends, mainly because I do not wish to be told how I should live my life according to them. I need to do what I need to do to live my life. If the Lord wants me to struggle, I will trust him to get me through it. I think what mostly is missing nowdays is the friend that just sits, and listens and doesn't say a word. You know the funny thing is, that I have that reputation, for listening, but none of those people who I listen too, will do the same for me. They seem to make me feel 100% worse. Not good enough according to them. I tend to run from anyone who just throws negitive thoughts my way. That is one thing we do not need. Think that are a lot of people like us, out there in this huge world. Think I got off the subgest sorry. Anyway, You will get through this and will get a great new job, or will make leather items for others. Do not put yourself down as we all started out doing projects we were not happy with but the customer loved it. Just get out those tools and get carving and see what the lord will provide. Good luck. Kiwi
  16. Hello there Trooper Chuck. Would be great if we could fix that problem but as someone else said it does not work that why in this day and age. My experience is that If you do unto others as we wish them to do to you, you will get taken for the biggest ride of your life. I was bought up that why, and have yet to get much in return. It seems if you act, or try to set an example for others the more others will hurt you in the process. Others do not think of anything but how can I get some money , goods, or free work out of you. And if you know that you are being taken, and tell them to stop, you become a B****** or B*******, not them. I have had those so called cancelled payments go through and ended up in a major pickle. Very hard to fix as most of the time when you call those places they have a computer talking on thier behalf. Or someone you can not understand from China or somewhere. And you know with the way the gove's making things a lot tougher it will get worse. Well thats it from me. Kiwi
  17. I will put a quick spoke on this wheel. I agree with alot of the points made by you all, esp Lillian. I have done leather work for quite sometime, and feel that my work is not too bad, not prefect, and with room to improve. I also price different, as I do Art and Classic Leather, so one item gets priced way different to others. That's My thoughts on my work, what others think and say is completely up to the people saying them. There are probably folk that say that it is not that good, priced to high, etc, and stare customers to other leatherworkers. I can not get upset with them, as it is up to the customer to decide where they end up going. Then it is up to me to not to get hard feelings towards my competition. It is just one person out of ten. That is what makes the world unique. What I like may not be what others like, and so on ,and so forth. I would mind my own business, and not get personal, but if I feel that I just have to add a comment, I support both sides, by saying the experience between the two, etc, and not down grade eithers work, and maybe add a photo, but then let the people involved decide on the outcome. In the horse world it is just as bad, one person spouting off against another horse person. I read their comments but keep my thoughts to myself, and maybe just add another way of looking at the problem without degrading anyone in the process. The one and only time I spoke up to defend a person, was when I had worked with someone for two years, and thier facts were wrong, and I knew the correct FACTS, and That is not the same as stating an I think, verses they think statement. Anybody can say what they think about someones work, as that is freedom of speech. I am sure the master leatherworker has been through this before and would brush it aside and get on with his next clients work. That goes with running a business. Well that is my view on things. Kiwi.
  18. Great work. Really like the basket weaving and the colour you used. Kiwi
  19. Well I thought it was time to post One of my first saddle that I did in New Zealand. Robin Yates came over from Australia, and ran a Saddlery school which I attended. My father made the saddle making stand that it is sitting on. Sorry that it is not that clear, or close but it gives you an idea of the finished saddle. Only photo of it I have with me, sorry. The days before digital cameras. It was a fun school and boy I learnt heaps. It is my show saddle, and the trend at the time was for dark brown and black saddles in the show pen. I also put silver plates on the corners. Hope you can see it good enough. Thanks for looking and happy carving. Kiwi.
  20. Welcome. Yes I agree with you that god has given you great talent. You do some beautiful work. You will enjoy this site, and I am sure you will teach us all a thing or two and learn some different ideas from us. Look forward to seeing your posts. Kiwi,
  21. Wonderful job, Johanna. Very talented person. Kiwi
  22. I have a pair of dog clippers, which has those plastic attachments for different hair lengths which I have used, but large areas I found the good old Sheep Shears ( hand Blades) work great. My father taught me how to use them, how to keep them super sharp. Kiwi
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