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  1. I have found a barber chair and plan to make a draw-down out of it looking for pointers..
  2. firetoad That looks great hope that the patterns helped you and I like that you were able to rework it to fit your horses. that is what I hope others can do. Mark
  3. I am sorry that I have not got any others done like I have planed. My day job and my family have really been in the way of making more DVDs. I hope that I can get things with the family worked out soon so that I can move forward with life and the DVDs. The day job is getting better but it is still hard to find any free time to work on the DVDs maybe this winter things will get better. I still have the patterns and this DVD for sale at www.cowcampsaddlery.com so feel free to look there any time. Mark
  4. yes I have just got some from them and like what I have seen so far. I had a saddle maker tell me if you use what is cheap it will come back to bite you at some time. so I try and use the middle of the road prices but I bet some one will say that will bite you too. I know that I try to use the best I can find for the money I have to spend at the time. Mark
  5. I am sorry to say this but here it goes Panhandle Leather screwed me on four different side of chap leather even after I called and told them what I needed it might be nothing to some but I am a small buyer and when I need good hides that is what i expect not to try and slide in two that you can only cut trim out of if your lucky. Mark
  6. I sell them at www.cowcampsaddlery.com
  7. For the money I would go with Berry King's they are really nice and they will last for ever. That is all I use now I have three others from Tandy's and they will work OK but Berry's is designed for the Sheridan Style of finer patterns. Mark
  8. What are you doing like Step in or what. I can tell you if I know what you trying to do.
  9. I have a Boss stitcher with extras. I am asking 1000.00 or best offer. It has a roller guild also. It is cast Aluminum. I have used it now for 15 years and have had many ask is hand stitch my stuff so guess it works ok. Mark
  10. HI first you need to know how long you want for the fringe to be then I use a divider to make a light line where you will start you cut . Next you will want to cut your fringe at a angle that runs down the leg this way your fringe will hang better as you get to the curve at the bottom you"ll need to cut wedges out so that your fringe will now start to hang straight down at the bottom and you will want to make sure that no fringe will be cut where it can get between the riders leg and the saddle because this will cause a sore on the riders knee. I can say that if you really want to make chinks check out my web site www.cowcampsaddlery.com I have one of the only DVDs that show you how to make a pair of chinks from start to finish. I show how to cut the wedges and also how to take measurements and use them to make them fit right. These DVDs also come with full sized patterns for the chinks. Mark
  11. HI I sell Tap patterns but at this time they are eagle beak styles you might be you could rework them to fit your needs. You can see them at www.cowcampsaddlery.com
  12. Thanks guys those sure look like to turned out well. Mark
  13. Yes your side fringe if cut at a stepper angle will help it hang better for on and then when you make the corner you can make some small wedge cuts to make the corner look fuller with fringe.you will still keep the bottom fringe cut straight down like you have it now.I have been making chaps for 20 years now and have learned this the hard way LOL with many sides wasted. took me some time to get it hanging right to me. Your work looks great so don't think I am knocking your work just something I have found to help them look better. Mark
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