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  1. Its a barrel racer for sure low cantle laid back made for speed! no idea if you can rope off of it! nothing to big i wouldn't think. Billy Cook makes a rancher and a Wade both are more born for that type of work. Josh
  2. I really like this one and I think theres a nitch in the market for that type of horse tack! Thanks for showing it off!! Josh
  3. I can also say after mightily searching lasts are very very very tough to find! no idea about the demand
  4. Howdy There, most the time I use pocket hole screws or something similar in any case most hardware store don't care these! find a specialty woodworking place like woodcraft they have every thing you would need. but they idea is to find a screw that won't rust and has a flat head or washer head.
  5. Brent, what is this flower you are carving? I can't recall seeing it before and its amazing!
  6. Skulls? can't understand it either. Flowers represent life and skulls death and well some pretty ugly stuffl!! lol No really its great if its your thing. And some of the work is amazing!! I just never will understand! its like watching a ladygaga concert. just some things I don't understand. heres to you skull lovers! Josh
  7. Class act! amazing work! thanks for showing it off
  8. Josh, Thanks for the scripture reference. I know ya love leather too, but hows your handicap?

  9. Well folks, its been a long while since I posted any of my work. so heres a little sample. as always I welcome your input. Thanks Josh
  10. Howdy And welcome, Glad your here make your self at home. Josh
  11. Sorry I cant vote in this section its all so crazy amazing cool and awesome that I cant vote. I vote for you all.
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