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  1. I tape the fleshside before tooling. Once finished when I remove the tape the fibers are loose no longer a tight even surface. Hasn’t been a big deal … I slick it with gum and move on… until started doing bags. Now, I want a nice nice nice finished feel/look and not sure I am getting everything out of slicking that I can or want. Why are the fibers so loose at the end of the tooling process when I pull the tape off? Other than lining the leather, how best to finish the flesh side? Thanks, David
  2. Started 3 years ago on retirement. Having a great time learning, mostly by trial and error... lots of those. Joining to learn smarter... by learning from others, too.
  3. I am finished tooling a piece and want it to be durable and long lasting. Thinking of going a route of oil, sealer (TanKote), antiquing, sealer so it can be oiled/maintained better. Leather if very light color and want to maintain highest contrast between leather and antiquing. What oil works best and has least darkening properties? In past I dye, seal, antique, and seal. Worried that leather will not hold up as jacket patches, bag faces, etc. Appreciate any advice, David
  4. 8 months in and 30 projects later i am just getting comfortable calling myself an amateur. Any suggestions for improvement is greatly appreciated.
  5. Call me an amateur who enjoys challenging projects. Just finished a patch and contact cemented it to back of jacket in preparation for sewing. Only then did it hit me that punching the leather for hand sewing would rip the denim... won’t it... or will the contact cement hold the thread together? Wonder if I should have punched the leather before contact cementing. Now, what is the best approach?
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