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  1. UPDATE- willing to ship without work bench or leather hides to cut down on size.
  2. Not far at all from Mission Viejo. I’m in downtown Orange. I work from home so home most days for them to come take a look for you.
  3. Really want this machine gone so I can get a Juki bartacker. Send me a reasonable offer.
  4. Can’t seem to edit my original post so anyway. Drops the price to $1500 obo. would be open to shipping too but guessing it would be pricey.
  5. sent you a PM as I have one for sale if you're interested.
  6. I recently came into possession of a Tippman Boss leather sewing machine that I don't really have a need for. Need to sell to fund a new barrack machine which I desperately need. The Tippman looks to be in great shape and came with a lot of accessories. Tippman Boss Machine Cobblers bench Flat bed attachment material guide extra needles extra presser foot 2 large spools of white thread 2 large spools of black thread 1 large brown hide 1 large blue hide 1 soft blue hide handful of metal zippers Looking to sell as a package deal for $1600 located in Orange County. I don't have boxes so local pickup is preferred.
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