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  1. I've decided to sell my trusty Tippmann Boss... It works exactly as it should, no issues, I'm just wanting to upgrade to a Cobra machine. It will come with some needles, thread, several bobbins, and the roller edge guide. Asking $975... willing to ship anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Please text/call me at 256-310-9144 or email me at eric@dcgunleather.com. Thanks and have a blessed day! (Stand not included unless you pick up locally.)
  2. I've got one I'm selling... $975
  3. Sorry, I found one. Just curious... you bought one new and never used it?
  4. They can be found slightly cheaper... That being said, I order mine from www.bluegunstore.com... they are $50 including shipping, have a huge selection, and I've never waited more than 5 business days.
  5. I'm looking to buy a used Tippmann Boss. I'll pay shipping, but must be in perfect working order. If not, price should reflect that. Please call/text 256-310-9144 or email eric@deloeracustoms.com. Thanks.
  6. I've been building leather holsters now for a while with since success, but I've had so many requests for wallets/cardholders that I can no longer ignore it. What weight leather do you use for a simple, one pocket cardholder? I may do some multipocket stuff,bit mostly would be the layers (at most). I'm thinking 3/4oz would be about right, what does everyone else use? Thanks in advance!
  7. Makes you feel safer, don't it? Some folks need a gun like they need a hole in the head...
  8. Yup... LOOKS like the XDM40 would be for the 4.5"... only on Tuesdays, of course.
  9. Not all Tuesdays... only those that follow a Monday. Unless it's a leap year.
  10. So, I stopped by the local Hobby Lobby on Saturday and picked up a basic leather carving "kit", including a swivel knife and some other shiny things? Anyway... I wasn't really thrilled about the idea of getting into carving leather— but after several folks expressed interest in having some carving on their holsters (shameless plug: I make and sell custom leather holsters, see the links in my signature) I decided it would be worth attempting. Well, after my first "attempt" I think I am hooked. There is something relaxing and very enjoyable about it... even though I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. See the attached pic. I don't think my shading is right, and the beveling doesn't look dark enough to me? The whole thing just kinda looks unfinished IMO. Any critique/comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  11. Well Lobo, I've definitely managed to make a profit, but it's definitely a hobby as of now. I sold three last week and that is the record so far. I guess that's my concern, I don't do enough volume to feel comfortable investing in several molds/guns. To Red's point, the wife isn't to thrilled with that idea either... anyway... The initial holster will cover the cost of the dummy gun (plus about 10 bucks) but if I never get another order for that gun, I'm stuck. Guess I could sell it like Trader suggested. After all, I'm not working for toy guns here, I like that green stuff
  12. I've had some folks request holsters for which I have no blue gun... and honestly there just isn't that much demand for them. How have you found is best to handle that? I hate to lose a customer over it, but I would also hate to be stuck with a blue gun that I'll never use again... I could fulfill the order if he purchases the blue gun I could fulfill the order if we split the cost of the blue gun I could quit complaining, fulfill the order, and eat the cost of said blue gun. Just the cost of doing business? Something I'm missing? Thoughts?
  13. Same here! Trying to help you get to that "mythical 1,000"... lol Good luck! Why don't we have a "sticky" for this purpose? Sounds like a good idea to me... (I may be a bit partial). Be a good way for new members such as myself to build a presence on social media.
  14. Speaking of which... mucho appreciado to anybody that can click on the FB link in my signature and like that page...
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