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  1. Thank you. I had debated going with the original look and took my advisement to the owner and he agreed with the look.
  2. Thanks! This hobbyist wouldn't have tackled this kind of job were it not for the great advise and links to some valuable videos and pictures found here.
  3. Thank you. I don't know why the YouTube link didn't work. Its fully public. I'll take another look at it. I used Preservation Solutions Leather Rejuvenator and let it soak for a couple of days in a black plastic bag. It worked wonders with the leather and made it supple again. After it was all said and done, I did a treatment of Neatsfoot oil and let that soak in the plastic bag for another day. Beyond that no further treatment. Ah I just looked at my OP and noted Northmount fixed the link. Thank you!
  4. My neighbor's parents gifted him the mailbag when he graduated about 20 years or so ago and it was in pretty sad shape when he asked if I could do some repair work. It was a previously refurb'd and slightly modified vintage mailbag. My best guess when researching it appears to be a J. Pederman brand. I started this project at the beginning of March this year and with mostly weekend time to work on it, finally finished it this past week following advise from you more experienced posters in this wonderful community. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the hinge manufacturing I did to replace the broken hinges but this video displays the before and after. I used Preservation Solutions Leather Cleaner and Leather Rejuvenator which took me about 16 hours to go over the entire bag. The old fish smell was successfully removed. I replaced some of the rotting thread, reburnished the exterior edges and even used some of the stitching advise found here to help mostly flatten the edges of the edge wave on the flap which developed when the stiffening grime was removed. There's a lot of great advise from this community generously provided to other inquiries for which I'm grateful. Greg
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