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  1. Can a thick leather ladies handbag with plenty of room for stamping on be revamped/reworked ? And what is the procedure and method for taking the I assume, finish protective sheen off it ready to use stamps on it then use a coating of a finisher on it again ? Any advice will be gratefully welcome if anyone has done this.
  2. Hello ,my name is Tom and I live near enough into the Welsh mountains in the UK. I`ve left it a bit late in years to get started in leather tooling but I guess its never too late to try. I currently am collecting the necessary stamps tools and having some specially made by a friend of mine who has wood & metal lathes. I`ve always been into Art ,doing drawing and Pyrography and have often thought about putting my artistic talent into applying it to leather so I just took the bull by the horns and decided its now or never so I`m taxing on the runway so far. my first "tapper" is a Cheapo Chines job which I think is OK but for Stamping I had my friend make me the bigger Maul made to my spec. It weighs 2lb 5 oz but its can have interior weights added if I so require them .Had it made from a Nylon Pallet wheel Yew wood ,with Brass weights . Alas, its the old saying at the moment, "All the gear but no Idea" ,but I`m gonna do my best to change that. So please bear with what might be silly questions being asked.
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