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  1. Can you find out how much shipping would be to Pine Bluffs, WY?
  2. I'm looking for my first sewing machine for leather and I'm undecided on what type of bed to get. Is there an advantage to one over the other between a post bed and cylinder arm? Also: I found a Siruba post bed locally for $995. Have any of you ever heard of this brand? Is it any good? Should I hold out for a cylinder arm machine?
  3. I’m a newbie, trying to get the hang of bargrounding. I have a set of Barry King #27 bar grounders and I’m just not liking how it’s turning out. I understand that you’re not really supposed to walk them. I just find it hard to get a nice, even background. Are bigger bar grounders more user friendly than these tiny ones?
  4. Newby here. I’m looking at purchasing my first stitch groover. I’ve been looking at Barry King’s groover, which he offers it in a few sizes. Which size would be the best all-around size to buy as my first one? I will purchase more in the future, but as a guy who works with his hands for a living, I have an appreciation for quality tools. I just can’t buy all the sizes right now. Thanks for your help.
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