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    Equine enthusiast, interested in learning saddle repair. Would love to make it my career.

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  1. Thanks, I saw there was a relationship between chandler & Mitsubishi and the similar model number. Confirmation it’s the same machine helps, thanks!
  2. I currently have a Sailrite Fabricator I'm using for horse blanket repair and light leather work. I am looking to get into more tack repair. I just got a Chandler DU-115 for $70 at auction. I can't find any info on this machine, could someone please point me in the right direction to learn more about this machine and what it's capabilities are?
  3. Looking to offer english billet replacement for my new business. I wish to practice on a few junk saddles I have first. But where can I purchase billets in assorted lengths and pre-punched & numbered? I can't find these anywhere! and where can I find some good how to info and insutruction?
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