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  1. Could you please share how to do this so the thread is only released at the top of the lift?
  2. Hi All i have seen on so many videos where people lift the presser foot to see the exact position of the needle or while turning. And nothing goes wrong. The next stitch has perfect tension. When I even slightly lift the presser foot, the next one or two stitches are bad where the tension goes off. Bottom thread starts showing on the top. Why is that? Is there something I’m missing why others seem to have no issues doing it but mine always gets bad? I’m using an Adler 269-373 as well as a 267-373 machine. Thanks for the help. Vimal.
  3. The machine with the flatbed attachment is not a 269 machine.
  4. Hi All, Does anyone know where I could buy a flatbed attachment for aAdler 269-373 sewing machine. I’ve been trying to find one in Europe but haven’t yet. I could buy it from the US too. Any pointers?
  5. Check if the clutch safety mechanism is not disengaged. This machines safety mechanism kicks in quite easily.
  6. Here is another pic from another angle
  7. Hi All, For the love of God, I can’t figure out how this end knot is tied. It looks so simple but I just do t get it. Can anyone help me or show me how it is done? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello All I’m trying to sew a wallet on my Adler 267-373 flat bed machine. I use about 3-4oz of leather for the wallet. But on some sections of the wallet I have only 2 layers of leather and on some it goes up to 4 layers. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the stitches consistent. If I set the tension right for 2 layers then it looks bad on 4 layers and vice versa. Is there some trick to doing this well? I know a lot of people sew wallets on this class of sewing machine. How do they get perfect stitches?
  9. I think it is in the setting that completes the stitch. If I press the pedal once, it'll go all the way up, then all the way down and then tiny bit up (after the hook has picked up the bobbin thread). Was that what you meant?
  10. I think the bobbin screw for adjusting tension is correct. As the tension on straight stitches is correct.
  11. I've tried to stitch without lifting the presser foot and it doesn't help. Not pulling top thread at all. I have needle positioning system. So at the curve I do one stitch at a time. This system takes the needle up a tiny bit and stops. I turn the leather a bit. Next stitch. And so on.
  12. Hello All, Can anyone please point me in the right direction? I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong at the corners that the stitch gets bad. I've tried to stitch over the curve without lifting the presser foot as well as by lifting the presser foot after the stitch is slightly up from all the way down. Nothing seems to work.
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