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  1. Hi Lillian, I'm not a tree maker, but I am interested to hear if you have any responses. I have an old sidesaddle that needs a leaping horn. Do you know of a way to produce one other then bending wood for one? I don't have any photos of the saddle I have, it was in the process of being remade or maybe it was a new one that someone gave up on, but it is missing the leaping horn. It is similar to this one in style though.
  2. Thank you Matt. You were able to find out a lot more about the maker then I was I appreciate it and I would love to see photos of the saddle you have too Norma
  3. Thank you for the photos. I recently picked up an old english style saddle, but I've never seen one put together the way it is. It is a monoflap, but this thing is really old, I'd say over 100 years. It is stamped Manufactured by S B Swaggerty. The under panels are stamped 1810. Other then that I see no other markings on it, but it isn't sewn like any of the newer saddles. Have you by chance ever run across anything like this? I'm reverse engineering it (I was an alteration seamstress for 30 years lol), but even the flocking appears to be of horse hair, not wool. The tree is cracked, but I bought this more as a curiosity piece then in hopes of repairing it. Thanks for any information on this type of saddle. Norma
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