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  1. I'm looking into the needle things I'm trying to figure out the needle issue. There's a deluge of info online and its hurting my brain. The machine uses 135x17 (and I THINK this translates to 135x16 for leather needles?) I had a Organ DPx17 (125/20) in the machine. I've swapped it out with a Groz-Beckert D/TRI point, size 110/18 - but I'm getting the same "bursting problem" with them, if not worse! I could weep, I'm trashing so much leather and I feel like I'm going around in circles - it's obvious that I need to change the machine but to throw in an extra problem - we're meant to be moving to Dubai in a couple of months so I'm reluctant to fork out on a machine that'll then need to be shipped over... but industrial machines look like they have to be imported over there anyway...
  2. That's really kind thank you! I'll PM you to take you up on that!
  3. This is great - thank you. I fell into a thread size rabbit hole on Google and got VERY confused about sizing!
  4. Thanks @Matt S Would you recommend the Juki 1541 over the Juki LU563?
  5. I can't seem to find any bonded nylon thread from within the UK that's thicker than TEX70 (#69). Ideally, I want some industrial spools (1500 yards+) to use on my sewing machine but I can't find a single place within the UK (or even Europe) that sells them; best I can find is little hand sewing spools of 250m. Any ideas? Shipping from the USA is REALLY expensive (bizarre, as UK --> USA shipping is perfectly reasonable) so if I can buy local I will.
  6. Sorry the $1200/£950 was for a USED Juki-DNU1541
  7. Unfortunately the dealer won't credit against a new machine - but I'm sure I can sell my old one easily enough. I'm looking at this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Juki-LU-563-COMPOUND-FEED-WALKING-FOOT-INDUSTRIAL-SEWING-MACHINE-For-Upholstery/264286812181?hash=item3d88b8b815:g:bvoAAOSwopFbURot which I've seen you discuss previously. It's in good condition. Would you recommend the Juki DNU-1541 over the Juki LU-563? The price difference isn't huge - a new Juki DNU is going to set me back about $1200/£950, whereas a used Juki LU-563 is about £800/$1050
  8. Fabulous thank you. I've loosened the springs as best I can without the stitching just not taking - I've also wrapped the foot in tape to try and pad it out a bit! I've also installed a great contraption to slow the bugger down, but thats another story. So the pucker/burst marks on the holes are inevitable?
  9. Hi all, I contacted a well known sewing machine supplier in the UK (Tysew) asking for their recommendation as I couldn't find any straight info online at the time, particularly for machines that are available in the UK. My main items are leather planners/binders and small leather goods (wallets, belts etc) - all the products are "top stitched", and need a nice thick thread that is strong and looks smart. I mostly use Tempesti Liscio leather (https://www.aacrack.co.uk/tanneries/tempesti/tempesti-maine-liscio.html) which is a 2mm thick, veg tanned leather, firm handle and marks like a b****. At most I sew 3 layers. I'd tried some domestic Toyota machine and a Heavy Duty singer and neither could handle it. Tysew in their infinite wisdom recommended a Juki DU-1181n - an industrial, flat bed beast that takes up half my living room and cost me a small fortune. They were right in that it's powerful enough the go through several layers of my leather - but it just is not the correct machine for the job. It marks up the leather with the feed dog AND walking foot (see photos), the needle "bursts" the leather on the underside (can't think how else to describe it, the hole is all puckered up) and it doesn't produce a good finish at all. I fought with it for years, as Tysew insisted it was the right machine for making what I do, and only after attending a trade show did I realize that they sold me completely the wrong machine - of course, it's way too late to send it back, so I'll settle for silently hating them. So my question is - what machine do I need? It's a minefield out there and I don't want to spend £££ on another machine that just trashes my (very expensive) leather. Hand sewing is out of the question, and I feel so demotivated as I have literally spent years fighting what should be a very simple make.
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