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  1. Great job, looks awesome :D Tony's patterns are really fun to work with and he has some really neat designs.
  2. Thanks! And seriously, this place is awesome - the best collection of openly shared information (and supportive/active community) on the craft I have found to date. I've been reading through all the sewing machine info for the last week because I'm going to need something to speed up my process on larger items. I'm likely going to end up specializing in book/messenger/backpack style bags due to demand from friends/family but my hands and fingers have already made it clear they have no intention of cooperating with hours on end of manual stitching - I learned that saddle stitching both sides of an 18" zipper lol...
  3. I decided to take up leather working after being stuck at home for the pandemic and enjoy it even more than I thought I would. I've done some basic pieces and have learned something new on every single one about different ways to do things (and things to avoid). The majority of what I know at this point I learned from reading, reading, reading, tons of your posts - thank y'all for sharing methods and techniques. You're awesome Here's what I've managed to do since I started... Bifold wallet, guitar pick long wallet (own design), and a purse/belt pouch.
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