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  1. Hi everyone, I wanna make a playing area from leather and I need lines to divide the squares. What would be the best way to do it? Just case it and pull a stylus with ruler over it or something involving cutting?
  2. it says 100% pure on the bottle. What does "a little" mean?
  3. I washed it with soap and then redyed it, and I like the colour now Now the problem is that it's too stiff xD Is there anything I can do about that?
  4. I tried to use my dye on one of the pieces and it just sits on top Would black shoe polish dry enough not to stain the user later?
  5. I made the mix as you said, I saw there are many bee keepers locally so I asked my colleague can he recommend one and he told me the guy standing next to him is a beekeeper :D He didn't have the fancy pure one on hand, but I got a nice chunk of regular one. I asked the italian supplier and I was told it's just 100% wax, synthetic, specially for veg tanned leather. When I rubbed it in some of the dye came off, I like it, but the end user doesn't, so what to do now to have it completely black again?
  6. But directly from Ivan is about 15% cheaper :D So you're generally satisfied with those tools?
  7. It was cheaper than other cheap options close to here
  8. https://www.artisanleather.co.uk/leather-stamping-and-carving-starter-set-970-p.html this is the set I got V407, P206, S705, B197, A104 and C431. I also took separately B701, G602 and E671 (for which I now have to find a mirrored version) I'll take a look, gather more opinions, and get something on my way =) Even if they eventually break it's order of magnitude cheaper than the names dropped in this thread, and the ones I use so much they break I'll get better versions =D
  9. I still have no idea what I want to do. My first goal was just to learn to make some functional things for me, but then I discovered the joys of this and spent every free moment with tools and leather in my hands. I noticed I need smaller bevelers to reach lower points, and something for background, and I'm ok buying 2-3 tools I'll never use, I just don't want to miss something that's needed for most work. I'd like to try making traditional floral patterns, simple stuff like borders and stamps and putting some of historical and mythological designs in leather.
  10. Hi, I bought a starter set for tooling from artisanleather in uk, and they sent me tools from taiwan, ivan.tw, in original packaging at 100% bigger price. I tried them, I don't know much, but I about it but I don't see problems for now and I'd like to get more tools directly from Taiwan What pieces would you recommend for a set with which I can do most things? I'd like to buy most cheap things now and then get more expensive ones one by one Is that store ok? It's half price of all others I've seen, and they offer free shipping and a discount on big orders.
  11. Thanks guys very much, I'll try it out and keep you posted
  12. I have white carnauba cream from tandy eco-flo, can I use that or should I get flakes? I also have white leather wax from leather-eshop, it's called just leather wax xD That recipe is much more precise, I get some starting point, just how much oil do you put approximately? Should I go with 5ml and up little by little or around same as wax and do bigger jumps? I'll find some wax today and try it if my carnauba is ok
  13. Thank you! Is this comparable/preferred to commercial options or just a solution to use in a pinch? Do you have a more precise recipe?
  14. Stoll looks so awesome! What's the name of the way you connected the ring on the leash? It looks so cool, I'd like to try it
  15. Hi everyone I got my first serious veg tan project almost done but I don't know how to finish it. I'll use gum tragacanth on the alone edges, then stitch it and finish other edges. At what point should I put something on it to protect it and make it usable? What should I use? I have carnauba cream, neatsfoot oil and some Italian leather cream and oil. What else should I get, not just for this but in general? I can get some shoe impregnation easily, I don't know if that is useful for veg tan like this or just for finished
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