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  1. I sent a message, we'll see if I get anything, thank you Thanks, if you find something out please let me know Ottoman empire, 15-19 century, I've seen a lot of illustrations but I can't find details easily. There's a bunch of layers It is not, it's a belt that goes over the waist, in front of you and you put all your weapons there to look scary I can improvise my own pattern, make something similar that will work, but I was just looking for a chance to have that part of the work already done. Ottomans raided huge parts of Europe and a lot of reenactment battles include them so people here might have it. But please don't spend any effort looking for it if you don't have it, I'll do that myself =)
  2. Do you know any? I'm in one local but they asked me to make it and don't have a pattern
  3. Hello, does anyone have a pattern for this or something simmilar? Or at least detailed explanation of the construction?
  4. Affaltar

    Lace in EU

    Oh, I didn't know that, I thought it's made as a spiral, then I'll definitely get a cutter soon, but I'd still like to get at least some before that so I can play with it sooner :D
  5. Affaltar

    Lace in EU

    I guess I messed up my dimensions, lace I see is 5-6mm, so similar to what you make but from thinner leather, something like deerskin lace from Tandy, but that is 4€ meter and that's a bit too much. Their other lace is 1-2€ per meter but only in 2-3mm size. I'd like to braid handles, I'm not exactly sure what I need, I tried to find a supplier first :D I was thinking about it but isn't the max length there the length of my leather? I want to follow some lessons and they say I need more than 2m pieces
  6. Affaltar

    Lace in EU

    I don't know what thickness I need, between 1 and 2mm, 10-12mm wide, I'd like to have all the colors as option and I want at least 10m rolls for start
  7. Affaltar

    Lace in EU

    Hello, I'd like to get a big order of lace from EU, any recommendations? I know Tandy, but they're generally expensive
  8. I know it's bag hardware, the retired guy made bags, and the feet I assumed what it was, but I have no idea how to use most of others, anyone has examples of it on bags? I don't know how to find it on stores like Ohio travel bag, except to look through all their items
  9. I bought a lot of hardware from someone who retired, but the condition was to buy all or nothing. Now I have a lot of it and for some I have no idea what's it for or how to use it. Also I'd be willing to sell it cheaply, but it is im Croatia so shipping might be expensive Reducing image size on phone is complicated so here's an imgur link to all the photos https://imgur.com/a/dtWQmXr
  10. I made a hat for a friend, he put it in his suitcase for a flight and after it it looked like this. Two similar light stains. Any ideas why it happened and how to fix it?
  11. I try to use mirrored ones wherever there are lines close, but for example here I had no idea how to make the stitch on the visor symmetrical so I just went one way. But the lines on the top are all mirrored and the same on all 6 sides
  12. But would you prefer if both sides have it slanted in same direction or is it better if it's opposite?
  13. Here's a picture, it can be easily seen on the bottom long stitch, but I also tried to make all the small stitches symmetrical too
  14. How much do you care about symmetry while saddle stitching? I made a small bag that is simetrical and I try to have all the mirrored portions also have mirrored stitches. I do it just with round holes as it would be so much harder to do with diamond ones properly, but I like the look. Easiest parts are when it's two seperate stitches so I just do each in it's own direction. On even number of holes I arrange stitches like \\\-/// (I can take picture later if it isn't clear) My biggest problem is when I have odd number of holes. This time I've just added double stitch on both sides as it fills the area much more and it's less noticable that the direction changed. Do people that notice stitches prefer it symmetrical or would just consistently going in one direction be better?
  15. I'm relatively new to leatherworking, I've made some wearable items like masks and accessories that come in contact with skin, both from chrome tanned leather and dyed veg tan. But now I have come to a safety concern with all those in case of ingesting it. Is any of it dangerous to put in mouth for prolonged time? I usually coat my veg tan in mix of carnauba cream, beeswax and neatsfoot oil for waterproofing, but after drying it doesn't seem oily to touch. I would like to make some stylish leather hats for very small gentlemen that, knowing toddlers, will definitely try to eat it. Which is better option, chrome tan or veg tan with finish? If both are safe for the baby, which is better for longlivety of items?
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