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  1. I don't have the parts but I found somewhere you can buy it online: Foot Thumb screw: https://www.ronsew.com/vibrating-foot-bar-thumb-screw-50299-for-singer-111w/ 111w Faceplate (you may also need the mounting thumb screw:https://www.ronsew.com/screw-200473/): https://www.ronsew.com/face-plate-240104-240179-for-singer-111g-singer-111w-singer-153w101-singer-153w103-singer-153w10-singer-211g-singer-211u-singer-211w/ (Note: I have purchased one of these for my Singer 153w and I had to drill a new hole in it for the thumb screw, the one that came in it was in the wrong spot.) Middle slide plate for Singer 112: https://www.ronsew.com/attachment-slide-plate-224144-singer-112-singer-212/ (I'm not sure if this is the one you meant.) Ronsew.com has a $35 minimum order, so you probably have to find more parts you want to replace before ordering. They ship fairly quickly, but I'm not sure how long it will take to get to Norway. I have found the best way to find parts for a machine is to google search "supsew (the name of the machine you are looking for)" and then download the pdf (from supsew.com) of the parts list and find the part I need. Then I usually look up the part # on ronsew.com but sometimes you can find it on eBay or Amazon. Here is the parts list for a singer 111w machine https://www.supsew.com/wpfb-file/singer-111w155-pdf/
  2. Likely I will have to do this, I'm just afraid I might ruin it. Thank you.
  3. After loosening all the screws holding the presser bar and trying to push the foot flat with the needle plate, it is still only resting on the small toe although I was able to get it a little more straight. Could it be the needle plate that is not flat? it looks like its been with the machine since the beginning. I thought maybe the presser bar could be bent but it does not seem to have a problem traveling straight up and down through the hole. What would be a good place to buy a new foot? I've bought all my other parts for this machine from Abel Thread Co, they seem to be good but I don't have enough experience to tell if they are quality or not. There is a section of the bed casting that chipped off and was replaced with brazed material, which is where the needle plate rests, however the plate is flush with it.
  4. It appears to be straight to me, it is likely after market though because I do not see any markings on i It sits flat when it isn't in the machine, but it wobbles around a little when it is in the machine, not sure if this is normal I will try this now and get back with whether it worked or not.
  5. Recently got a Singer 153w103 that I've been fixing up (and boy it's been a project) One of the issues I can't work out is why the presser foot is not sitting flat on the needle plate. I believe this is what is causing the machine to pull the material to the left. The presser foot was with the machine when I got it, so I am fairly sure it is intended for it. I am also having an issue of what appears to be uneven tension every few stitches. Would greatly appreciate any help with this, it feels like two steps forward one step back, but I guess that's just how you learn sewing machines.
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