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  1. Yes, seems there’s little interest in leather “craft”, part of which is the archaic look of the kits I’ve seen available, and few that address personal articles that people under 35yo carry every day. Some extravagant bags that are machine-sewn or single-thread sewn are marketed as “hand-sewn”, “double-needle, coach stitched” to the uninformed buyer. [AS IF the info weren’t available online.] Finding quality hardware is becoming difficult!
  2. Wow, great tips. Thanks for your generous gift of time to respond with your experience!
  3. Nice work! Ive just made my first black-powder holster, a replica of the USArmy model 1863 Marlow flap holsters on a saber belt, and have enjoyed learning leather again after 30 years. Found it interesting to learn how these later holster designs evolved— tho I’ve yet to see the book you mentioned— and how important can be the fit at the trigger guard
  4. CraigL

    Sh 1

    Wish I’d seen this before fabricating my own design years ago. Yours makes a dwarf of mine, and tells me to stick to what I know! Great job!
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. Found myself sitting in front of my “connectors” box containing three sizes of Chicago Screws, and I’d totally forgotten I could use a drill (!!!) [OK, it’s been decades] THEN, another look at the pattern Id made from research showed me where I’d also planned to stitch in addition to the rivets. It seems I can forget waaay faster than I thought.... So, yeah— I’ll rip the seam in the morning.... NP, 40 mins to resew— if I can cut the cemented part. NEXT time I’ll remember? HA! Next time I’ll remember that any first project is a learning experience and a toss-off till the second. thanks for helping tonight’s sleep! I’m gonna like this forum! C
  6. Long experience in other disciplines has led me to expect misadventures, or at least “untoward results,” especially in untested waters. An earlier teacher once said, “in any new medium, first, learn how to manage (even correct) your first-thousand mistakes.” Ive just made my return to leatherwork, and am finding that so much is forgotten. Such as planning the sequence of assembly steps. After I’d closed the double-needle stitching around the molded body of my first container, a holster, I discovered I’d left-off the rivets holding a belt loop to the reverse side. How would you handle this? Rip the 100 stitches, and apply the rivets directly, or pound them in place after inserting part of an anvil?
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