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  1. Thank you, haven't been on here for a while, so a bit late with the reply.
  2. G'day Leatherstrap, Just wondering if you are still using the pilot, I have just found one and looking for a catalogue on it. Regards Alan
  3. Thank you folks, photos are great but I want to own one........PLEASE....
  4. I collect BUSMC machines, there are some people that still use these old A1's but they are pretty scarce on the ground.....over 100 years old.... Finding parts is hard and making new parts expensive. I would just love to find one and get it going and use it......there is a Master Saddler in England that still uses his for all his harness making. They don't sell for a lot of money. I'll just keep looking.
  5. Thank you all for your help, yes I use an "Apple" you would think they would be comparable by now. The Pearson A 1 are pretty scarce on the ground and if you do find one I reckon the spares would be rarer, thank you Northmount for the Pic.
  6. G'day, Does anybody know of a Pearson A1 sewing machine that is for sale? 09343187-16C2-44D4-8D15-6B2C35F35D11.heic
  7. G'day John. Did you manage to find anyone to show you how to thread the machine? I have been looking for one of those (Pearson A1 ) for a couple of years now, do you happen to know of another one could you let me know please Regards Alan. Australia.
  8. Crikey!!, any chance of finding out where you had these made???? as luck would have it I just managed to buy an ESTO rough rounder ($350.00) 4 days ago.....a spare blade would e good.
  9. Esto machines were made in a suburb of Sydney by a Migrant from Estonia, he migrated to Australia just after the Second World War......so being from Estonia....hence the name of his machines ESTO.
  10. Alan RUNDELL

    Sh 1

    Sorry I haven't been back to Leatherworker for some time, so a BIG thank you for your comments....Spyros, CraigL, Hopup, & TerryNoles. My saying these days is "you can do anything if you set your mind to it" ......although when I first saw the "clamp" I thought ....I can make that in a couple of days!!......WRONG ,,it does take a bit longer especially the first one. I seem to put most of my time in these days with leather tool collecting & not as much woodworking & leather working as I used to, but that's retirement....you have the time to chop and change. Alan
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