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  1. Alan RUNDELL

    Japanese Leather tools

    Does anybody have an address for the Doldokki leather tool site in Japan
  2. Alan RUNDELL

    Japanese Leather tools

    Does anybody have an address for the Doldokki leather tool site in Japan
  3. Did this machine sell??
  4. Alan RUNDELL

    Tools Of A Swiss Sattler

    PERFECT PACKAGING ! Have you ever purchased a leather tool on eBay and thought "I hope they pack it well"....... then wait & hope it will arrive in good condition. I did that just recently with a plough gauge knife, to my very pleasant surprise it arrived as seen below in the Pics. This is a lesson in how to package products perfectly. What a lot of effort this person has gone to...even laminating & gluing the polystyrene before cutting out the section so the knife was fully protected, to top it off there was sponge rubber packed around the outside.
  5. Alan RUNDELL

    Tools Of A Swiss Sattler

    G'day all, This is another one for the collection..... a "Buck & Hickman" made in England but I am told they went out of production some years ago. Does anybody have any information on this Plough Gauge please?
  6. Alan RUNDELL

    Tools Of A Swiss Sattler

    Thank you for that information Walter, very much appreciated. Regards Alan
  7. Alan RUNDELL

    The best way to cut straps

    G'day epiphanist1248 I see a good straight Plough Gauge (Dixon) for sale on (england) currently at 149.00 pound around $180.00 US. The roller looks to be good & horizontal, which is a good indication of its operating condition. They don't make new plough gauges as good as the old ones. Regards Alan
  8. Alan RUNDELL

    Tools Of A Swiss Sattler

    Thank you for the interest Simon & Trox. It will be very interesting if a plough gauge knife (with the bird on it) ever comes up for sale on eBay everyone will want it. I have never seen a round knife before with the bird on it Trox I am very envious, that was a good purchase. The problem with all these old tools is that they outlast there original users, it is good to see all the interest and information being gathered for the next generation of leather workers. I do collect other leather tools Trox, I have a few hammers & round knives I did manage to buy about 10 T Dixon (Thomas) leather tools recently apparently he was the father of Joseph Dixon,correct me if I am wrong, they are very old and a lot smaller that other leather tools but it is an expensive hobby, especially if you live in Australia with the cost of postage. I to have often wondered if factories like Blanchard or Rosler made clean skin (Unmarked) tools for other sellers to stamp there logo on before sale. I know that happened with wood working machines. The quality of that (bird) plough gauge is excellent & yes it appears to be the same as your Blanchard tool. I was lucky to get the Bost Freres Catalogue…..found it in Greece of all places. Does anyone know who bought the PORTRAIT pricking wheel that was for sale on eBay….sold for 175 Euros?
  9. Alan RUNDELL

    Tools Of A Swiss Sattler

    G'day Dams, I bought the tool in Germany, I would like to know where the knife/blade is but the seller had no idea. Alan
  10. Alan RUNDELL

    Tools Of A Swiss Sattler

    I also have just purchased a Plough Gauge with the Bird on it … looks like a Dove that is just lifting off the ground in flight…. the letters are H F joined together. I don't have the knife for it but it is in beautiful condition, there is NO movement on the horizontal roller, the best condition gauge I have…..but no knife. I have a Bost Freres Catalogue as well… I will have to copy or photograph it & put it on the Net. Regards Alan
  11. Alan RUNDELL

    Need a Raptor Hood

    ARE….. the power of the internet… gone are the days when we had to write a letter & post it hoping that the recipient could shed some light on where you could acquire a hood for a peregrine. Great stuff!!!
  12. Alan

    I just received a note from Walter and he mention that you may be able to shed a bit more light on history of the Plough I recently acquired. I received it without it's original blade and would appreciate any information in tracking one down to purchase.  Or at the very least a suitable substitute.

    I am blown away after looking at the photos of your collection you are the envy of all plough collectors. I have four * Lutz *Portrait * Blanchard and this one in the Photos.

    We have two things in common, ploughs and Victoria, I live in Victoria,B.C. Canada



    1. Alan RUNDELL

      Alan RUNDELL

      I have just noticed that you have requested some information on your plough gauge, 7 months late in replying!!!! my apologies.

      I have not been surfing the Leather Net site for quite some time.

      I cannot shine any light on your tool as far as maker, origin or country. It does look very nice.  I know how you feel about the origin of the tool & the lack of the knife to go with it. I just bought a beautiful plough gauge, make unknown with a bird embossed on the bronze slide but no knife.

      Keep collecting.


      Best Regards


  13. G'day Johanna,

    After searching around, I am now lead to believe  that there is some sort of glitch in the system? Is that right?

    Am I correct in saying that they (the photo's) were not removed permanently on purpose.  If so I hope you can recover them.

    I am new on this site & still feeling my way around.




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Constabulary


      Thats a good thing. I hope It´ll work again soon because most threads (f.i. in the Leather Sewing Machine Section) are useless w/o pictures or attachments like PDF manual. Would be a BIG BIG loss if they are lost permanently.

    3. Alan RUNDELL

      Alan RUNDELL

      Thank you Johanna, I hope you get it all back together.




    4. Johanna


      If you guys have time, will you check the pics now? So far everything looks good to me, but it's a big board! Thanks!


  14. Good morning/afternoon,

    Can someone at Admin. level explain to me why all the photo's were removed from the "Site" Tools of a Swiss Saddler?

    This was one of the most informative sites on Leatherworker. net.  Walter Roth was, and is, a wealth of information in all facets of

    saddlery, upholstering, harness making, care of tools, identification of tools and other topics regarding leather both current & historical, the loss of his photo's on this site as a reference is a backward step.

    I am sure if you contacted him he would set you straight about his views on the loss of his photo,s without notifying him.





    1. Johanna


      *Some* of the pictures on this site were not transferred correctly during the last update, and are not showing properly. I am working to get this resolved ASAP. If you have any other complaints please let me know directly. Thank you.

  15. Where has all our photo's gone,

    a picture is worth a thousand words

    1. Johanna


      There's a glitch from the update, and some of the pic tags are broken. We'll get them back soon.