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  1. Hi Is this still for sale, i am based on south cost so not miles away. If so how much are you asking for it. Thanks Leatherstrap
  2. I have just sold one and i showed the guy that come to look at it sewing 3/4 thick of sedgewicks bridle leather... Yes as soon as he see how easy and how good the stitch was needless to say he was only too quick to buy it....apart from the fact it was original and superb condition.. I must admit they are a fantastic bit of kit..
  3. Wimsew machines are from Ray at wimbledon sewing machines...a singer 132 or 45k will do rygs and leather no probs but can mark the underside of leather depending on what you are sewing... there is a busm #6 harness stitcher on ebay. Actually there are 3 but 2 of them are massive money and look a little rusty and oil dry... Depending on your budget you might want to get the right machine first rather than one now then one later.... Where in the uk are you.. Atb Ls1
  4. Nice machine but i know nothing about adlers but someone will know whats ok on here... Just remember if you buy from a private seller just cost in the fact you will need a service and perhaps maybe a repair if need be as not everyone are 100% genuine
  5. The 563 is a good machine but i would always recomend having a servo motor on it. I personaly wouldnt have a clutch motor anymore but thats just me. What thickness of leather are you sewing?
  6. Hi storm Im also in uk and ive sold a machine to one of the people that have one of the ones your looking at on ebay he was a nightmare to deal with. I sold the machine on a sunday and it was back on ebay on monday for double the price.. What part of the uk are you in?? Pm me and i can suggest a good trustworthy guy thats based in london who may be able to help you. Ls1
  7. True but i also have a spare stored at my brothers house that i could get if needed 👍👍
  8. Im in the uk and i make horse harness and can sew upto 3/4 inch on my busm #6 and for the thiner bits (1/2inch or less) i use a busm pilot. To be honest i am thinking of importing a techsew 5100 and selling the two busm machines...i know some will think im mad but i think if i have one machine to do both then thats more room i have and less to pay out with having both machines serviced... Atb Ls1
  9. Thanks for info ron i will inbox you for details.....whats the difference between the cowboy 4300 and the 5100??? Just curious thanks
  10. I have a #6 busm stitcher and a busm pilot and im thinking of getting a techsew 5100 to do the job of both or just the #6. Where in the uk would i get a 5100 or where is the best place in u.s or canada to get the full package....head,servo motor, stand/table and import to uk without paying a fortune for import duties...
  11. What would this be covering and is it possible to cover the item.. i assume it must be some sort of case you want made up.
  12. I make a new style of slip lead like the Waterloo cup coursing style ones. It has a quick release on the wide collar rounded leather leash with a trigger at the top on the hand loop. They work quite well too. I use one on my Laguna whippet bitch. If I get chance I will upload a picture for you.
  13. Hi gaffer What quarry would you hunt with this type of dog having the bull mixed in with a running dog. And could there be an issue if she is running a rabbit or something and it shoots in a hole near undergrowth could the collar get caught on any brambles or tree sticks. Nice collar tho
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